In regards to getting the Outback Way sealed between Harts …

Comment on NT road sealing costs threat to Outback Way? by Zac.

In regards to getting the Outback Way sealed between Harts Range and the NT/QLD border: What if the NT Government gets Boulia Shire to do some of the QLD section at 8m wide and then get the Laverton Shire to do some of the work between the WA border and the Olgas?
That would probably be cheaper even if they were to charge a little bit more for going over the border.

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Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
@ Kathy. Yes I agree with making buyers go inside the shop to purchase their goods.
How about getting rid of the drive throughs and making people enter the shop on foot?
No more drive through bottle shops for Alice or Tennant Ck.
Also the problem may be that there isn’t enough work in town? Find out why people keep on drinking the way they do? Surely if people held a full time job doing something they liked or was at least had reasonable conditions then surely they would be more responsible poeple and take more care for their kids and themselves.
Or is it just weekend problems?
Then maybe rather than spend the money on a new tourist attraction in town, use that money for more community sports etc?
Perhaps more attention needs to be spent on families and change the way people get paid their allowance?
Instead of people just receiving an allowance, perhaps they can’t get their full allowance unless they can ensure their children are kept in school, prove their children are being fed and cared for etc.
If any particular household or family is not complying to simple compliances then they will just will be banned from buying liquor for say two months. Then everyone else in their community would also have limits placed on take away liquor. The ban could only then be lifted once improvements are made with the community.
The only reason for limiting alcohol to the rest of the community would be to ensure no one has enough liquor to then onsell or give away their share to the household that has been banned for the two months.
The ban could be lifted and modified to a restriction if say after a month the household has made significant changes and or has proven to have either full employment or the person/s are actively participating in full time education or community services. At any time if anyone does a backflip then the ban would be put back into place again and then tightened to three months.
Then throughout the ban term there should always still be incentives in place to keep children in schools and adults to be active with care of children, higher education or maintaining employment. Bans alone will never work.
Punishing isn’t always going to be the answer on itself. If it was the only answer it might just make things even worse.

Bailed juveniles next-door to you soon?
@ Evelyne Roullet: As for the acronyms used by Erwin: AM, NGO and NTG, well, we should all know these without having to spell them out in full. 🙂
Also, my last comment regarding the CEO, my O should have read Officer instead of Office.
So anyway back on topic, hopefully these bailed juveniles will take care of their new accommodation and eventually play a positive role to the local community rather than cause new problems.
I also agree with the first comment by Rosalie.
I would think these juveniles will also be good to their new home, neighbourhood and to society only if they are treated humanely.

Bailed juveniles next-door to you soon?
@ Evelyne Roullet:
Google these abbreviations and you get:
Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service.
CEO of OCF: Chief Executive Office of the Office of Children and Families (AKA also known as) The Department of OCF.
YJAP: Youth Justice Advocacy Program.

Massive makeover of showgrounds proposed
Why would 5,000 local and international students want to study university in the Alice? A private one might I think?
Also what makes one think that “international renowned brands would want to be located in a small shopping centre in an isolated (new emerging suburb) out past the Gap, let alone come to the Alice?
What drugs are these guys on? Am I still on Earth or is this a parallel universe?
Am I reading this news correctly? More of just a pipe dream than reality. I doubt any of the above other than a new grandstand and club house would end up getting signed off on for construction.

Pine Gap shines in global snooping: report
I am a former local of Alice Springs and every few months I visit this website to see what is happening in and around the centre. I don’t usually comment but this is certainly a very interesting article. Thanks Erwin Chlanda for reporting.

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