Steve Brown is very correct. The biggest issue these days …

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Steve Brown is very correct. The biggest issue these days is that people will not accept the decision made by the pollies, either good or bad.
That in turn leads to, in some cases passive resistance. Then it becomes very damaging.
This passive or active resistance, actually endorses the pollies’ weak policies or to renege on their pre election promises, with the hope that public pressure may assist in overturning a decision.
If this happens, they don’t need to be accountable for their decision and that suites them fine. (Hence they often sit on the fence or shy away from direct answers.)
At the end of the day, when it comes to money, the government will do whatever it is they want to do, with the knowledge that most voters will have forgiven them by the next election.
It’s pretty simple, make the politically sensitive decisions as soon as you get into power, make some for the good of the people towards the election and come time for the election, the masses would have forgotten or forgiven you and you stand a good chance of being re-elected.

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Suddenly everyone is talking about 1Territory
Why is it that the pollies who did this are not held to account?
Surely in the legal system there is an avenue as there would be for former company directors?
I wish 1Territory the best of luck and they will get my vote.

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Steve Brown: You raise some excellent points Steve, however you seem to be overlooking one very important fact.
If the government wanted to consult the masses, they should have taken the opinions more seriously.
The fact that they didn’t, is disrespectful to the taxpayer. So, was it just lip service?
I think you’ll find that this may be what has pissed people off.

Fewer pokies, help for gambling addicts
Yep. Reduce the number of cars and there will be fewer car crashes too.
We have a habit of trying to solve issues from the effects rather than the causes, and we continue to go round in circles and spend millions in the process.
Gambling is a way of life, good or bad.
It’s been around forever and will be around forever.
For those who haven’t heard of Broard Arrow near Kalgoorlie, it was an out of the way to play two up and not be caught by the law. It’s now a bit of a tourist attraction.
People will find a way and place to gamble even if all the pokies are removed.
Surely education and treatment are the keys!

The millions and the misery
Couldn’t have expressed it better, Jones. If the taxpayers see more than anecdotal results for their hard earned money, they will be more inclined to be positive about their money being spent on organisations like Congress.
Where there is political spin, the taxpayer becomes cynical.
I am still bewildered as to how the hell can they (Congress) can have a $20m underspend?

Cops nab alleged grog runners
It’s not about the amount of money or quantity, it’s about the amount of damage to people’s lives, both primary and secondary that this disgusting conduct results in.
I say throw the book at them and jail time. Forget about a penalty of picking up empties as that may encourage “customers”.

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