@ Jones: Let us not forget, these organizations have people …

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@ Jones: Let us not forget, these organizations have people behind them, guiding them and making well informed decisions for the benefits of the community.
If my memory serves me correctly, our highly visible, competent, defender of Alice Springs, young MLA Chansey Paech, was on the board of directors of CAAC around the time the Memo Club was in full swing.

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ANZAC Oval art gallery good for Mall traders: Chamber
I suspect the Mega Fauna museum is making an inconsequential difference to CBD traders.
Regarding lack of Aboriginal input in the Chamber’s research, it is likely the research was undertaken utilising Chamber members – local business people.
Aboriginal people presumably form part of this group. If not, it is of no fault of the Chamber. The Chamber is representing the view of their membership – not a wide ranging consultation taking in the opinion of every man and his dog, every culture, every resident etc etc.

Gallery business case far from ‘well underway’
The documentation, with out specifically mentioning Anzac Oval, seems to rule out Desert Park and South of Gap, as retaining green space and walking distance is hardly a factor for these two options.
“… indoor-outdoor arts and cultural precinct which will house the National Aboriginal Art Gallery as well as retaining green space for community use.”
“Located within walking distance of the Alice Springs Central Business District …”

Allegations, no proof on bottlo shut-down
Intoxication is a rather subjective term. Unless there can be a clearly defined definition of “drunk” which can be readily tested by the licensee, then the discretion of police will continue to be used as they see fit.
One person’s drunk is another person’s tipsy. Should a tipsy person, half way through a party not be allowed buy another carton of beer?
Traffic rules are simple – less than .05. No such standard seems to exist for a licensee. As such, let the police wear the responsibility of making such judgements and as written by the owners – they are keen to have police at their premises.

National Aboriginal art gallery in the wide open spaces?
$400m gallery? Where do all these figures keep coming from. Is any of this even in forward estimates yet?

Flag on the Hill: When No became Yes
What value does society place on symbolism over substance?

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