At last an approach that will include community input, and …

Comment on Liquor Commission: Lawyer, social worker represent Alice by Chiara Maqueda.

At last an approach that will include community input, and a commission that is not loaded with supporters of the liquor industry. It’s unclear, however, whether the commission will have the power to punish liquor takeaway licensees through suspension of licences and the like.

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Breakthrough support for Alice Springs art space
This is great news and well deserved. This is the “silver” for a 25th anniversary!

The millions and the misery
So, “Aboriginal organisations are likely to be challenged about their spending of tens of millions of dollars at the public meeting on Thursday”.
There’s nothing new in this, black bashing is an old sport in the Northern Territory. The tone of this article is another bit of the old sport.
The article implies that Congress is in some way wrong to be employing so many people, and paying them money according to its EBA; that it is wrong to have so many GP clinics – not to mention other health services specialising in men’s and women’s health.
And you didn’t get an exact number for the health services? Just look on the Congress web site and it will tell you.
And the ORIC examination? It’s what ORIC does for and with the thousands of Aboriginal corporations around Australia, and does not imply anything untoward.

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