Anzac Hill, our servicemen fought and many died under the …

Comment on Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: it’s not over yet by Ian Rennie.

Anzac Hill, our servicemen fought and many died under the Australian flag. To the majority this is the significance of that site even though there were some Aboriginals in our armed forces.
I suppose we could be kind and allow the other flag up there on special occasions, even Anzac Day, but every day of the year? No way!
There are too many concessions being made, what mob are going to want their flag up there next?

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The Mushroom
It would seem that Michael fracking Gunner should be herein referred to as Teflon Mick and his colleagues as the Teflon Mob for obvious reasons.

Problem kids: The whole town must help
To Evelyne Roullet, it seems you see the need to supply cash, smokes etc?
I do not agree with that idea, but I do agree with Mr Guru.
Stop with the suck, and by the way Mr Guru, why do you not have the intestinal fortitude to use your real name? I put my name to my statements and have no fear in doing so.

Gunner’s fracking inquiry gets it wrong on many counts
When one considers their claims of caring about the land, the silence of traditional owners of the land is deafening, or is it that there is just no coin in it for them? But then again, maybe the promise of coin that has done the job.

Tom Cleary: Cattle man with a huge smile
R.I.P. Tom.

Will gas royalties save the NT? Read the fine print.
The South Australian people thought that they would benefit from their gas, but just check it out, it goes overseas and the people of South Oz pay foreigners for their gas at a higher price than the people far away in another country get it for. And that is just what the Territorians will be doing and as for the NT economy, Crikey, what a joke! Wake up Aussie, wake up, wake up!

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