Wonderful idea and so so overdue. Come on the associated …

Comment on International flights to Alice would lower fares by Peter Driscoll.

Wonderful idea and so so overdue. Come on the associated stakeholders, this can transform the town in so many ways as well as Darwin if cabotage laws were relaxed for Darwin.
What an NT nation building event that would be for so many airlines from Asia and beyond!

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Flood mitigation: Don’t mention the dam
And as a Territory election looms, not so much as a mention from the different parties on the risk this poses to so many people and facilities in Alice Springs. Tragic!

Elections wish list: The town has spoken
And still no one asks about flood mitigation for Alce. Perhaps Congress may if they comment. In a flood their assets would go in a flood as well.

El Niño and flooding in The Alice
Thanks, Erwin, for raising the flood risk in Alice Springs again.
I am amazed why this is not a major political issue for this year’s NT election.
Please keep asking the hard questions, Erwin, why it is not [on the platform of] the main parties.

Stand by for fresh Todd dam controversy
Let’s hope we get a flood levee in place before we need to turn it on.
Small business is already struggling in Alice.
This is a preventable disaster. Thanks the Alice Springs News Online for keeping this story on the front page, for Alice Springs’ sake!

Todd River dam: It’s all been said before.
We urgently need a dam, Adam! Hopefully before the Todd floods again. Katherine and Darwin got help. What about in your own electorate Adam? I see Northside is at risk too!

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