Thanks Alex. I totally forgot about the Centre servo where …

Comment on Town Council still blocking two servos: United by Laurence.

Thanks Alex. I totally forgot about the Centre servo where KFC are and the Shell Oasis (sort of) has been replaced by the Coles / Shell servo on the corner.
As usual you are a font of knowledge in regards to Alice Springs! Cheers.

Laurence Also Commented

Town Council still blocking two servos: United
Interesting that you would say that Alex, and please correct me if I am wrong on this.
Since I came to live in Alice Springs we have lost three service stations, Shell Todd, the Mobil Palms and Cnr Smith Street and Stuart Highway, but have gained at least six others (Truck Stop, Heavitree Gap, Mobil Larapinta, Mobil Eastside, Transit Plaza and the Woolies station).
I can’t see another couple doing much damage, but am not sure about the location of one in the Beaurepaires site. Surely we have enough trouble on that corner already.

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Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
@ Evelyne Roullet: Thank you for putting your name on your posts, but what has that got to do with what I wrote? But thanks for pointing out that my name is a pseudonym, I guess the gig is up and we thousands of Laurences will have to revert to our true name of Laurence.
Describing yourself as a useful idiot is your prerogative and until I see evidence to the contrary I can only accept your judgement of this.
Then quoting Hillary Clinton moved the debate to a whole new level.

Cops hush up dangerous joyride
Sorry, Alex, you are being a little silly when you say “Presumably they felt they had nothing to lose by indulging in this behaviour and were heedless of the possible consequences of their actions.”
There is no consequence for their actions, they could be “suitable for a diversionary program” or haven’t reached the age of criminal culpability or we will victim blame the criminal offence away. But I guess we are lucky now we can focus on empathy.

Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
I wonder what these horrid people did to these poor misunderstood youth. As we all know they are surely perfect angels and I for one cannot understand why these sweet, misunderstood little darlings have not been canonised.
But I have no doubt it’s their own fault for walking the streets at night as we now seem to have the art of victim blaming down pat.
It’s never the fault of these little arseholes, it is always someone else’s or something’s fault.
How about we all focus on the reality which is that no amount of hand-wringing or “world’s best practice” are going to make an iota of difference.
Can’t wait to hear from the usual useful idiots chanting that it takes the whole of a village to raise a child.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: it’s not over yet
This petition is to ask the local council to fly the Aboriginal flag on ANZAC Hill.
So therefore it is a local issue and as such should only be available to local input or only have the local petitioners be counted.
The bandwagon jumpers that have added their two cents’ worth to this community discussion will only cause more confusion and cloud the issue further.
From a population of about 27,000(ish) having a thousand signatures is an insignificant number, less than 4% of the population, and that is without dismissing the “non-local” input.

Government lied on liquor, says Lambley, demands poll
The government also says it’s doing a good job, I laughed out loud at that.
The evidence points to the contrary, they seem to be even more inept than those that preceded them (hard to believe).
The good news for us long suffering residents is that we will more than likely have them for another term (sigh).
But they will lose all their southern urban seats and as they did last time they were in powers and hang in there thanks to Darwin’s northern suburbs.

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