How long before Kittles’ insurers say “enough is enough”? …

Comment on Kittles car yard hit again by Mike Smith.

How long before Kittles’ insurers say “enough is enough”?

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Gunner’s fracking inquiry gets it wrong on many counts
The government continues to focus on the science because the science is actually quite good.
The problem as always, and as noted by Dr Colloff, is the long term monitoring and governance.
This is especially problematic if those officals in charge of the governance and monitoring are under the influence of the mining industry and other vested interests.
The government should note that the electorate is has a very real suspicion that there is corruption going on.
They can’t put their finger on it but an accumulation of decisions that tend to be against the public interest, or the interest of the world at large, and which benefit a select few, plus post political appointments to high paying jobs for politicians, mount up to create that suspicion.

‘Fracked NT gas = 130 new coal power plants over 40 years’
Steve, the NT will be adversely affected more than other places by climate change.
When oceans soak up more heat that heat comes back at you as energy in increased cyclone activity and that means more trouble for the Top End. It will also mean more rain for the rest of the NT but no one knows all the effects yet. If we keep going the way we are now we will get a lesson we might not want.
On fracking itself I maintain the danger is not so much in the science but in the management of the mine by the greedy mine companies who have virtually nothing to lose if they stuff the environment and the corrupt regulators, in particular the easily bought politicians and senior bureaurocrats.
Keep in mind that we are not talking two or three years here. We need these fracked areas to be uncompromised for decades, hundreds of years, even millennia.
Sometime in that time someone will make a mistake, take a bribe or be blackmailed to drop standards and that will be the end of the environment in that vicinity.
The case of the Great Wall of China is a case in point. The wall was technically sound, built to high standards and was good enough to keep out invaders for thousands of years.
It still stands today, just as good as ever in many parts. When Ghengis Khan invaded China he knew that so he didn’t even attempt to attack it. He just bribed the government official in charge of the gate.
This is where our danger lies as well.

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
I support the council’s move. The result of the Scientific Study is irrelevant because the science is not where the risk is. If it was left to the engineers and the scientists there would never be a problem because their agenda is to do a good job. The risk is with the owners of the mine, whose agenda is profit, and the regulator, who can be easily seduced by a deep pocketed mining sector to overlook problems, go soft on compliance etc in return for various advantages including lucrative post politics sinecures.

Fracking consultation meaningless charade
It has long been my belief that current political parties are too reliant on funds and post political career opportunities from lobby groups such as the mining industry.
Recent appointments to mining related sinecures of former NT politicians increase my suspicions.
Public consultation in this environment is meant to make the public feel it has a part in the decision. However the rule for political parties is that they govern for the benefit of their donors.

Fracking interim report: Two bob each way?
Just to add to my comment below I think the real issue is that post construction neither of the parties, the mine owners or the government, have as their main objective the goal of maintaining mines to a standard that will ensure environmental safety.
There is no penalty sufficient to ensure it and consequently corners are cut, standards dropped, inspections not done or poorly done.
Next thing we know another farm has it’s water supply destroyed and everyone moves on the next uncontaminated site. Meanwhile the parties get their donations, former politicians walk into lucrative sinecures and mining companies scratch around under the couch to pay their fines.

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