Dr Who: If you thought about things too much you …

Comment on Not a million dollar dunny by Richard.

Dr Who: If you thought about things too much you would not do anything.
Guaranteed those toilets have no more bad things than a lot of toilets in an average house or the average door handle. Don’t think about it too much.

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Cr Melky alleges budget irregularity
Just wanted to add my two cents in. If the budget was already completed and passed it couldn’t be changed until the following year.
Eli was right with the interest argument and was surprised that it took him so long to convince the council. Term deposits are normally less than loans otherwise banks would go broke – simple maths that an accountant should have been across.
The accounts department has been stuffed up a few times – the rates debacle was a classic example.
One year the need to send an additional rates notice, the next year they overcharged and had to refund.
I am not saying that Eli is right on this occasion (depending on when the budget was passed) but he has a right to be dubious when you read the above. The performance of the council and its accounts department needs a revamp.
Those mistakes would have cost at least $100k. Did anyone lose their job?

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