Just read my own comment. The jibe he used was …

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Just read my own comment. The jibe he used was “go halves in a coloured kid” not “white kid”.
The first time the jibe is given in the book is over the spectator fence when he was playing for Pioneers and being given some abuse.
When accused on ABC radio of mooning a CLP polster at a polling booth during a Territory election once, Tracker claimed in self-defence that he had been having trouble with the button on his pants.

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Man in a hurry, surrounded by people who were not
I read the book and loved Tracker’s resilience, engagement and hilarity.
He was prepared to talk to anybody and relate anywhere with unarmed truth. He got a lot of things moving.
Rosa Parks changed segregation in the US too, ostensibly because when she was arrested on that bus she had contacts across the social, status and racial divides who were prepared to support her.
Tracker Tilmoth operated similarly with commitment, shrewdness, gusto and panache.
Anyone who can ask Bronwyn Bishop if she wants to go halves in in a white kid and get a laugh from her has something special. The big wheelie bin jibe at the funeral after he was shafted for a senate spot was pretty funny too.
I used to get him mixed up with David Ross on the radio. Like Herod I was confused by a lot of things Tracker said but I liked to listen to him.

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Knock-out concussion causes irreversible brain damage
In Central Australia, drugs and alcohol cause the most non reversible brain injury, including resulting domestic king hits and car crashes.
There is a school of thought that boxing is a mug’s game. However, otherwise lethargic and traumatised youth have gained self-respect and self-control in a belonging context of controlled community, where they learn their own limits and become mugs no longer.
I would argue that bloody cage bouts are ghoulish and pointless but boxing has a respected and distict safe place for some people.

Michele Castagna, 1944 – 2016
My favourite time with Michelle (among many others) was at one of our Alice Chorale celebrations after a performance.
She had two celebration helpers either side of her. One held her cigarette on one side, the other a glass of red on the other.
I know how important I was to Michelle. So did everyone else she talked to.
If there is great, Michelle will always be a great Northern Territorian.

Time server Conlan gets government junket to Germany
Interesting reminiscing about dear old Dennis, Ian Sharp.
The last time I was spoken to by Dennks was at a wedding at the Date Farm. I found out that Martyn Bryant was a patsy and that the Twin Towers was a funded Jewish International conspiracy too.
Dennis was clever enough to provide free pancakes for free votes on election day. A sad blight on his constituents.

New Stuart statue plaques get it wrong
I personally explored the same terrain on central highways and by-ways for 30 years of roving residency.
Once again in Territorial absentia, I here in this publication, re-offer a balancing gift to the Masonic Lodge’s standing vision splendid.
That being a marble bust of myself beside the existing statue riding Mr Ed the talking horse and gazing forward to the future as I take a selfie.

16 years for inflicting ‘torturous’ death on J. Pollard
Not so long ago I taught one of those convicted and sentenced in relation to this crime. He was a cheerful, co-operative and sprite student. He even drew a cartoon of me that I laughed at, laminated and have somewhere. I am sad at this outcome.
Some people should never drink alcohol in any circumstances. Alcohol can make morons out of otherwise decent people.

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