Smells like someone might be getting something in return for …

Comment on Anzac or Desert Park: More Qs than As by James T Smerk.

Smells like someone might be getting something in return for this site being picked as it is obvious no one is for it apart from the Government.
Oh, and I’m sure our building (if it goes ahead with an election happening before they break ground) will be dwarfed by anything SA build as they have a stack more money and foot traffic. Can’t help but think ours will look like a broke cousin of whatever they build.

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Sad thing is this isn’t surprising in Alice.

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Kiss and release.

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ANZAC Oval art gallery good for Mall traders: Chamber
Old mate is having a laugh. Go watch for a day how many people go into the Megafauna building, not many if any. 600 people at the opening – yeah well that might be well and good but that is just one occasion and it hasn’t shown much action since.
“Every student should be exposed to Aboriginal culture and art at some point during their formal education” this isn’t an argument point.
Last I checked kids are, there are classes dedicated to this and have been for many many years at all levels of schooling.

Gallery business case far from ‘well underway’
If they are doing it there they need to rip the band-aid off quickly and just get it done. We all know they will end up doing what they want anyway.
I feel like they are just entertaining the people with ideas that the site can change (ticking mandatory boxes), but it won’t.

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