Well founded and accurate and, I am sure, a true …

Comment on Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action by Chris2.

Well founded and accurate and, I am sure, a true representations of the undeniably ongoing, seemingly impossible to resolve problems that present in so-called communities.
But where do the millions of tax payer dollars that have been provided to encourage a solution go? Twenty years of throwing money at the problem has achieved nothing.
Now a call for more millions based on a convoluted intellectual platform makes front page. Perhaps those in air-conditioned offices driving one of the hundreds of free vehicles with personalised number plates could do some hard yards on the ground and spend a week or a month mentoring one on one in these neglected communities.

Recent Comments by Chris2

Police want parents to stop youth crime
Whitney: Incisive and correct. Indeed what is wrong with this NT Government that directs the judicial system to feed and let go?
Good people are at wits’ end. Both mirrors kicked off my car recently while at Sporties.
$500 hard earned to fix and nothing in consequence for the criminals. Tell me, Mr Gunner, how does that work?

Torrent of toxic Facebook posts after Mall melee
It is apparent that Mr Gunner and cohorts including Seldom Seen Snowden have tapped out on law and order.
So petrified that Aunty ABC and the journalist who bought about the royal commission will butter up for a second serve, Gunner hides and denies that Alice is a bee’s whisker away from anarchy. Where do we go from here?

Mayor comments on code of conduct, Anzac Oval
Oh dear! Polly speak at its best.

The Mushroom
It’s almost as if Gunner and his government have tapped out on law and order.
Social media is awash with horror stories of good citizens living in fear no go zones at night, homes turned into fortresses cars stolen at record levels and nothing from this incompetent Chief Minister and his team.
Last week I listened from behind my six foot fence to a loud conversation held between three untouchables as they passed by.
The most memorable comment was this: “The cops don’t run this town. We do.”
Sad but true.

‘Bully method’ to swing Town Council vote on gallery
The unusually prompt release of the indicative sight plan for the National Indigenous Art Gallery suggests the decision to use Anzac oval was made at an earlier time.
The recent uprising against the Gunner Government’s vision splendid for Anzac oval and the majority support for the Dessert Park precinct must be making those up north uncomfortable.
It will be interesting to see the individual councillors take on discussions with the appointed not elected Mr Leonardi.
Surely this is a job for Mr Gunner himself.
Time for a public meeting where he and his minister turn up.

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