There is only one location for this project and that …

Comment on Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park by Steve Strike.

There is only one location for this project and that is the old Melanka site.
Someone please show some vision and turn this eyesore into a valuable asset for Alice Springs. It’s in the perfect location and will utilise valuable wasted space.
NT Government, show some guts, buy the land and do something worthwhile for Alice. It’s not rocket science.

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Public acknowledgment a condition for govt funding
I am shocked. After some months away from Alice and returning to a green paradise, there in the middle of it all is the most ugly concrete and black tarred expanse of manmade crap that I have ever seen.
Absolutely hideous. No landscaping, no environmental considerations or aesthetic, no thought of shade from the extreme weather here.
Just another thoughtless, ridiculous government plan it and build it from an airconditioned office folly.
Not disimmilar to the concrete barrage built in the Gap a few years ago.

What the Bomb would do to you
@ Jason: Seems you are living in some absurd science fiction movie and suffer from Nucleomitaphobia.
Your disillusioned comment “unfortunately nuclear wars can start rather quickly” validates my claim.
I guess in your movie role you have experienced such phenomena. In my last 60 years I have never heard of a nuclear war that was conducted anywhere on this planet.
Other sensationalist statements you make like doubling the power of the warhead would still have no effect on Pine Gap. You clearly do not know anything of the PG design which enables it to continue to operate during a nuclear war.
To help foster your insatiable appetite for doomsday, I feel it appropriate that you clue up and read this informative guide on the current state of US intelligence.

What the Bomb would do to you
It’s par for the course for new age alarmists to post predictable but sensationally inaccurate spin wherever they can get ink on pages.
Most of this shite is absolute scaremonger fodder for the uneducated.
The first inaccuracy is about a 1 megaton bomb exploding 1 km above Pine Gap. The truth is Pine Gap would remain fully operational after such an explosion because the majority of the operation is conducted underground in sealed concrete bunkers.
The facility has been specifically designed to withstand nuclear war.
The chance of such a strike in open air is practically zero. Bunker busting missiles (EPW’s) may have the desired effect, but would not be a threat to the Alice Springs township as the majority of the radiation would be contained underground.
The second inaccuracy is about the randomness of such a strike. If the US and Australia go to war with China then the frontline will be placed on a war footing. That means Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs would be placed under military control and non essential personnel would be evacuated.
Thirdly, intercontinental ballistic missiles launched from the South China Sea would need to travel in open airspace some 5000km.
The missile would over fly three to four nations that would side with the US Alliance. The chances of those ICBMs reaching Alice would be practically zero. The flight time for such a missile from launch is about 20-30 minutes. Plenty enough time for those missiles to be shot down by US air defense systems which would be stationed near Darwin or in Indonesia in the event of war.
The main reason the facility was built in Alice in the first place was because it is remote and largely secure from attack.
All the information stated above is available as technical data online if anyone with half a brain would care to do the research.
Most alarmist mantra can be disproven given enough research time.

Alice tourism: slow recovery while Rock booms
Wooooo … I just get back from time exiled on another planet to read God’s gospel on the sensational lack of tourism $$$$ to the Alice. So what’s the drama? Well, as one would expect after time in exile, the world is in deep shit.
I am astonished to find a new age evangelist plucks one word out of the gospel and whacks it with the biggest load of hyperbole imaginable. Of course as with all new age evangelical prophets, spin is your mantra!
For those old enough to remember, the last evangelical age sold powerful messages too. So scary in fact that if you didn’t repent your sins and give your soul to Jesus you sure as Hell, were going to Hell. “Jesus is Coming” the prophets cried! You can read all the facts in the big book they said. It’s true the end of the world is nigh.
Well history sure does repeat, Jesus never came, so our eternal intelligence turns to the only source that can save us: Planet Earth. But Mother Earth is very sick, the prophets tell us so. They have more scientific data than the big book ever had so it must be true.
Repent all your evil carbon sins now and save Mother Earth and save your soul, or we will all be DOOMED.

The Rock: To climb or not to climb
Definitions … I thought the definition of a National Park was very clear!
National Park
an area of countryside, or occasionally sea or fresh water, protected by the state for the enjoyment of the general public.
National Park
The definition of a national park is a public space maintained by the federal government which preserves nature, history or science for visitors.
National Park
A tract of land declared public property by a national government with a view to its preservation and development for purposes of recreation and culture.

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