Here is a question for all those interested in and …

Comment on Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park by Hal Duell.

Here is a question for all those interested in and commenting on the proposed National Indigenous Art Gallery.
If you personally were asked to fund, build and guarantee such an immensely important project, would you entrust it to the Northern Territory Government and the Alice Springs Town Council?

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Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park
Unless something has happened recently, ASTC still owns Anzac Oval.
I find myself wondering how long before the new government in SA announces Federal funding for an “iconic national indigenous art gallery” on the site of the old Adelaide Royal Hospital.
We in Alice still say we own this project. It’s ours by right. It would be unthinkable to built it elsewhere in Australia.
Questions: Do the aldermen in Adelaide require protective escorts on their way to and from council meetings? Are pedestrians scared to walk on North Terrace after the sun goes down? What was it the captain of the Titanic said just before encountering that iconic iceberg? Something about full speed ahead?
Changing metaphors here, but the Gunner government is beginning to resemble nothing so much as an iconic rabbit in the headlights.

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Park, lights: ideas for a brighter town centre  
@ Local 2, Posted November 15, 2018 at 12:26 pm
Fair go, oh you who won’t sign your name. Few ideas are born fully formed, especially the good ones. Someone proposes something, others take it up and build on it. In affairs of governance, that is the way good progress is made.
Please don’t attempt to sow dissension. Council is showing signs of working together to better Alice Springs.
Putting verbal rocks in their road is so not helpful. More better wait until they do something really stupid and then hop in. Trust me. That time will come.

Park, lights: ideas for a brighter town centre  
I think the idea that this move is flawed due to the presence of the pub at its northern end is wrong.
Consider the Gap Hotel. For years this was all but a no-go area due to its “animal bar”.
Then new management took over, investment was made, and now The Gap is arguably the best, as in safest and most comfortable, pub in town. This shows what can be done.
The area on the eastern side of the Riverside Pub is disgusting not because it has to be, but because it is allowed to be.
Change the animal bar there into an attractive venue. And keep the cops at the take-away!

Park, lights: ideas for a brighter town centre  
The proposal by the Deputy Mayor to turn the river bank between Wills Terrace and Gregory Terrace into a developed and shared public space is a good and timely idea.
Let’s hope Council agrees. For too long we have turned our back to the Todd River.

No youth detention facilities in residential areas: MLAs
Why aren’t youth detention services under correctional services instead of family affairs? Family affairs have had their shot and failed. Time for someone else to step up.

Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
Ntharipe Observer, Posted November 10, 2018 at 4:51 pm.
Sounds good, but then if the plan is to leave the oval alone, why not just leave it alone?

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