@ Lawrence: I’m afraid you have misinterpreted my position on …

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@ Lawrence: I’m afraid you have misinterpreted my position on the matter. I do not believe in “voting blocks” of ANY kind – neither “mine” nor “yours” – but prefer that all councillors vote independently for what they believe is best for our town.
The ongoing stagnation in Alive Springs Town Council demonstrates a complete lack of vision for the town’s future.
We are being let down badly by our so-called “community leadership”. Mabel has hit the nail on the head: we need change at the top.

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News to us, say councillors on Anzac Hill development
More evidence, as if it were needed, that our Alice Springs Town Council is run as a little dictatorship.
Once you have a voting block, you can ride roughshod over the remaining councillors to the point of excluding them altogether. Transparency and community inclusivity is needed more than ever.

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Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
Congratulations, Ben.
Your post says it all about our local culture which, sadly, places financial opportunity above all else. Woe that anything should come between a property developer and a bucket of money.
Sad too that this town’s so called leaders cannot see the link between loss of heritage places (and the role they play in maintaining a desirable urban environment) and the reduction in tourism and visitor numbers and the resultant downturn in the local economy, the local population and property values.
You see, we all end up paying in the end for our short-sightedness.

Air traffic: Looking down on Alice
@ Psuedo Guru: Please get real and stop putting the cart before the horse.
We will have all the budget flights we can handle when we have re-built Alice Springs as a destination worth visiting.
Our image internationally and nationally at the moment is on the nose and our town will just continue going down the gurgler until we stop denying that reality and set about doing something to turn it around.

Air traffic: Looking down on Alice
Yes, a very sad development for our town.
Sadder still to see the Minister for Tourism’s spin on the “benefits” for our local tourism businesses, when in fact it will prove to be another nail in the coffin for us.
That said, I save my deepest criticism for our local government leadership, or lack of, for not undertaking the planning that is needed to change our town and again make it a destination in its own right.
Crime statistics, alcohol abuse, homelessness, falling population numbers and the like are just the symptoms. The cause of our malaise is incompetence at the top.

Backtrack Boys: lessons in hope and perseverance
Thanks, Kieran, for the background to this must-see documentary. I have noted the screening time in my diary.

How much of our relationship with Aborigines is hypocrisy?
Good on you, Mr Baranski.
We need to hear such feedback from visitors like you to help us understand the things we need to change so as to become more a part of the modern world, instead of somewhere that Time has forgotten.
I’d like to add that, fortunately, many fellow-Territorians do not support the backward, racist thinking of many of our political decision-makers, and are fighting for changes.
Keep on reading the Alice Springs News Online to keep in touch.

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