Does anyone know if the planned sale of Pine Gap …

Comment on Sharp drop in houses, units sales in March quarter by TC.

Does anyone know if the planned sale of Pine Gap houses has happened?

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Booze rehab funding falls short
So what has the CLP done for Alice again? Apart from the pointless costly overpass, of course.

[ED – Hi “Collins”: the overpass was a Federal project, but paid for by a government that one would expect go get advice from its NT counterpart. When we asked Chief Minister Adam Giles whether he thought the $24m for the overpass was money well spent he replied: “Absolutely.”]

Fracking: independent risk assessment desirable
Evelyne: Your basic argument is the same as the one run by anti vaxers. There are chemicals therefore they are dangerous. Do you have any evidence that the concentrations at which these chemicals are used is harmful?
We hear so much about the vast quantities of dihydrogenmonoxide these frackers use … how much of these chemicals and at what concentrations?

Mining King’s Canyon: ‘Divide and rule’ bid by Giles
There are thousands of square kilometers of petroleum exploration permits around the park. 720 sqkm is tiny. It is quite reasonable that the informed decision of the traditional owners was unanimous opposition.

Landholders facing the fracking onslaught
Any credible sources for the claim that 7000 wells are polluting the artesian basin? Or is it just like your watermelon claims?

Artists want Darwin Fest to reject Santos sponsorship
It’s not that I think they are wrong … it is that they are propositions that are likely to cause considerable distress and have not been substantiated at all. I’m happy to be persuaded.
On the subject of earthquakes of Fraser Island … if you are genuinely suggesting they are caused by fracking, you really can’t be taken seriously.

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