Yes, Maya, and the town bus service that goes to …

Comment on ‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans by Evelyne Roullet.

Yes, Maya, and the town bus service that goes to Lyndavale could be extended to Desert Park.
This service would be welcomed by the resident mothers who would love to take their children to the park but have no transport.

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‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
Has someone really walked and measured the proposed greenfield site (pictured) near The Gap, between Bradshaw Drive and the MacDonnell Range? I have done it with my dogs and the rabbits! Are they serious? Who is having whom on?

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Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Ruth, go to the tourist bureau in Todd Mall, ask for the leaflet produced by the parks [authority] about Emily and Jessy Gap and you will realise that all needed information is there in black and white
• Water at Alice Springs 10km away.
• Best time to visit “certainly not on the hottest days of the year”.
• Safety and Comfort.
• Observe park safety signs.
• Carry and drink plenty of water.
• Wear a shady hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, suitable clothing and footwear.
• Avoid strenuous activity during the heat of the day.
• Consider your health and fitness when choosing a walk.
• Keep to designated roads and tracks.
This lady was off the tracks and was not a child in need of a nanny.

Horses perish near Santa Teresa
Thank you for the update.

Horses perish near Santa Teresa
We cry, we fill for all those adult humans who succumbed under the heat and the lack of water, but by there own fault because they should have known better.
But the horrible slow death of those animals is a real tragedy.
Those noble beasts trusted the human who are supposed to love them and care for them, it is called HUSBANDRY, farming animals, done carefully and well.
No coroner to give a verdict? No relatives to complain? No-one to blame? No memorial? No, only the concern of pollution in the creek.
Our value system and standards of ethos and morality should also include how we live with and treat animals.
As Mahatma Gandhi would say: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory? But nothing to stop individuals to change their mind once outside.
Maybe it should be written that “unless you have a death wish and do not realise you will have to pay for your rescue please follow the following guidelines …”
I will always remember this French tourist who asked me if we were a police state, because the Glen Helen resort asked her to be in by 21 pm the night of her booking.
I explained that it is for safety reasons not a police control.
We have to asked: Are we dealing with children or with responsible adults?
The poor girl in King Canyon, was English and educated however she decided to ignore the English warning signs: “Stay two metres away from the edge.”
I know that heartbroken relatives do not want to hear the truth her foolishness causing heartaches, money, but no-one blamed her. I did and still do.
No advice, no signage, will cure foolishness and selfishness.
As a tour guide, I could write a book about the stupid things done by people on holidays.

Tourist perished: Has Coroner’s recommendation been followed?
Any death by accident is tragic, however when it comes to hiking and trekking, there are guidelines which are to be followed in any country by any hiker pro or beginner and anyone with common sense.
• Do not go solo unless your are 200% sure that you will come back.
• Study the country, the terrain, the dangers and read travelers’ blogs.
• Make certain you have everything necessary (water, food, first aid, alarm).
• Tell someone what you intend to do and when you except to be back.
The most important is this: Keep in mind that while you are free to explore, to be independent.
To enjoy your holidays or free time your lack of planning could affect those who will have to come to your rescue if you fail to plan your trip carefully.

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