I agree fully with Alex. We have so much history …

Comment on Raw deal for Alice from NTG & Murdoch Advocate by Yvonne Driscoll.

I agree fully with Alex. We have so much history related to ANZAC school and oval. We need to keep these special sites as part of our town. It means a lot to us in Alice. The art gallery needs to be built on another site.

Recent Comments by Yvonne Driscoll

Traditional owners unite to dump Anzac as gallery site
Fantastic news. The Indigenous people are uniting to give a decision. Now they need to convince the NT Government.

Benedict Stevens happy to talk about gallery location
The Furbers, the Liddles and the Stuarts now need to be heard.

Former gallery advisor scathing about its planners
Can’t build the Art Gallery on the Anzac site without consent from ALL the Aboriginal traditional owners – otherwise what is the purpose?
It’s meant to showcase the Aboriginal culture and is just causing conflict and dividing our lovely town. Why not chose another site where it will not cause conflict?

Gallery reference group co-chairpersons announced
I wonder if the Furbers, the Liddles and the Stuarts have been consulted?
After all they are important elders and their opinion needs to be respected.

Now $90m earmarked for Aboriginal gallery
Oh my goodness. What a mixed up Government.

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