You bring welcome news, Alex. This may be our best …

Comment on School’s heritage listing may stop Anzac gallery by Hal Duell.

You bring welcome news, Alex. This may be our best chance to stop Gunner and his cabinet and Ryan and his council from imposing their my-way-or-the-highway agenda.

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School’s heritage listing may stop Anzac gallery
@ Steve Brown, Posted April 27, 2018 at 4:34 pm:
All the benefits you list regarding the proposed art gallery and cultural centre are achievable from either of the two proposed sites, or others if it comes to that.
Anzac Oval does have heritage significance for Alice Springs, and its slated removal is a cause for concern among many residents.
Unless the school buildings, also apparently of heritage value, are in danger of falling down or full of asbestos, they could be used. I am thinking of youth engagement here.
If revitalising the Mall is the goal, build residential flats to get life on the streets day and night.
And build the gallery and centre on a green acre site. Everyone would applaud, no one would object and the benefits to Alice that you mention would follow.

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Help from fracking campaigner, or manipulating students?
This is one of the best news stories that has popped up on my screen in a long time.
My advice to the students would be to maintain your sense of outrage and to question the motives of all who are trying to co-opt that outrage, whether they be the pollies telling you to stay in school or the choir-masters leading your chants.
And be assured of this: The world you will grow into will not be the same as the world into which you were born.
Turbo capitalism and the ongoing rape of our planet will see to that.

Liberals and Labor: Tweedledum and Tweedledee on Pine Gap
With the current state of international affairs, laced as they are with loose bluster and rattle, including irresponsible nuclear chatter, the bullseye on Pine Gap becomes a thing of concern.
Let’s just hope if “they” do take it out, “they” use one of those low-yield, precision smart numbers and drop it on one of those golf balls.
But don’t knock Pine Gap. Ever wonder why Alice has, and will always have, a long strong airport runway?

96 trees chopped down to ‘duplicate’ highway
For whatever reason this work has attracted funding right now, it’s a good thing.
Think of it as another small step on the Outback Way.

Art gallery more than selling cappuccinos: Scott McConnell
I think SA has the gallery. But I like the idea of enlarging the Indigenous art and cultural trail to link like stories from all areas.
I can easily see an eventual cultural centre here, maybe one structured on a revolving hub-and-spoke model.
Alice Springs would benefit more from a completed Outback Way, which would feed into a National Indigenous Cultural Centre, than it would from a gallery.

Make September 8 Australia Day, anthem in Pitjantjatjara
Has anyone asked the descendants of Matthew Flinders what they think of the proposal to bring his remains to Australia? I hope so, as surely common courtesy would make that a first step.
Just asking …

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