Seems that if all the checks and balances are put …

Comment on Will gas royalties save the NT? Read the fine print. by Richard Bentley.

Seems that if all the checks and balances are put in place it won’t be worth doing. What a shame!

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Horses perish near Santa Teresa
@ Steve Brown: “That variation means that it could take literally hundreds of years to show a couple of degrees temperature change.”
You are absolutely right and the discussion regarding climate change is just that a discussion about containing warming to a couple of degrees.
You are also right that droughts repeat and the death of horses, camels, kangaroos etc. repeats itself every time it is dry and should not be linked immediately to climate change as the primary cause.
No one event is evidence of climate change but if events are more frequent and more severe be it droughts, floods or cyclones and the temperature is warming then a connection can be made.
By all means make your points about the history but calling “bullshit” is not debate.

The financial crisis in the Northern Territory
Thankyou Editor for providing space for this valuable report. It deserves to be widely read.

NT a ‘failed state’? Too harsh, said Perron … a year ago
Is this only a problem in the NT? “The issue is the gene pool you have to draw from. Until you can devise a way to attract competent individuals with integrity into politics, problems will remain.”
To suggest, as this does, that there are no competent individuals with integrity in politics is surely false.
Or to alternatively suggest the problem of lack of competence is a uniquely Territory issue again is false.
Individuals are continually identified in local, state and national governments who do not meet desired standards.
Some are forced to resign and others are dealt with at elections.

Discussions are nice but actions are needed
@ PG and @ PW: It is unfortunate that you show little understanding that in the short term while coal / gas / nuclear may provide back up to renewables (not the reverse), ultimately the cost factor will mean renewable will become the dominant form.
And yes Chinese cities are polluted comparable to Australia but every molecule of CO2 is a problem no matter where it is emitted.
With our resources in Australia we can run our country on renewable energy and export power directly as electricity or as gas with renewable energy the primary source.
Alice Springs had 50 energy experts deliberating on current power issues in Alice Springs. Why has there not been more reporting on this, editor?
Go well RePower Alice Springs. Go well Hayley.

Interest booms in solar power investment
Government commitment or not private investment continues to grow. Progress since 2007 can be tracked.
With solar installations becoming more attractive over time there is every indication this growth will continue at or above previous rates.

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