Question: “If Indigenous kids can’t get to know non-Indigenous kids, …

Comment on Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school by Scotty.

Question: “If Indigenous kids can’t get to know non-Indigenous kids, how can we have a harmonious community when they grow up?”
Answer: “I don’t want my children to go to school with Aboriginal kids. My reasons and my right, refer below.”
“Many students at Sadadeen come from town camps (Hidden Valley and White Gums), experience high rates of childhood trauma, and live in some of the most socially and economically unjust suburbs in Australia,” says Ms Harrison.
My reason: “Why would I want my children to go to school with children from town camps. They are not by their doing, unhygienic, lice infected and dysfunctional. I don’t want my child subjected to that”.
Let’s bring the parents of the children over for a birthday party? No way.
Money clearly talks. Ms Harrison says the median property price for houses selling in Desert Springs is currently $708,750, and in Eastside is $527,500.
My reason: People in Desert Springs and Golf Course Area are hard working professional people. Should they be sorry that they work hand and can afford nice houses?
A lot of people in Eastside (commission houses) are on welfare and just drink all day spending the tax dollars the people in Desert Springs and Golf Course pay from their pay.

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Wowser games?
Well done NT Government.
We are pulling out our team that we had organised to participate in the Masters Games.
Will not even consider participating again until full strength beer, wine and spirits are back on the menu.
We will take our money elsewhere.
Sorry to the hard working event organizers.

Five youths arrested after armed robbery
Mabel: Could not agree with a comment more than yours.
This town is out of control with Aboriginals. People are civilized and do not rob, bash, steal from innocent people.
I agree more police are needed in this town but the bigger issue is what happens to the people when they are arrested and front court.
Back in the 60s and 70s gaol with hard labour was usual. Bring back tough sentencing instead of the slap on the wrist from lenient judges.
Offenders should be responsible for their actions. No excuses brought up in court for their illegal actions. Sentencing should be harsh just like the old days.

Coniston Massacre remembered
Constable Murray was a hero. If you look back at the times they lived in and what was required, he did what was needed.
Wish he was here nowadays. Alice Springs would be a better place.
Respect Constable Murray.

Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
Davo: The only way you will get solutions for this town is to not be scared to say how it really is. Sorry that you seem to be a do-gooder who seems offended by the truth.
If Mr Lindner is not an Aboriginal I will say sorry but truth is he is.
There is a reason race is important to solutions in this town. Almost all offending is committed by Aboriginals. I believe this is very important. You it seems do not. Put your head in the sand again.

Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
Just another Aboriginal offender (thought to be important by title) committing a crime in Alice Springs.
I hope Erwin is pressing charges, no offender deserves to be given a free ride. Should be remanded as Greg Latency points out.
Now if you think I’m a racist, I’m not. Look at the incarceration rate of Aboriginals in Alice Springs. Now there are those who stupidly suggest more Aboriginals are in prison because the system is racist. Well that is just dumb.
If Aboriginals stop committing crimes they would not be in gaol.
[ED – I am not pressing charges. Erwin Chlanda.]

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