Zoning encourages class level approaches, to advantage or disadvantage schools, …

Comment on Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school by Paul Parker.

Zoning encourages class level approaches, to advantage or disadvantage schools, rewarding wealth as a filter on education. The wealthy are able afford to do better, disadvantaging those who cannot.
David Gonski’s recent report promotes a move to individual learning paths for all students.
This will assist many Australian students who fail to reach their potential at school.
That is changing focus from year-level progression, to school focus, so each student advances towards their maximum potential advance in learning each year.
Gonski with Turnbull Government support expects teachers to use the online assessment tool to diagnose accurately levels of literacy, numeracy, and subject knowledge, each student actually achieves.
They expect all of them to advance.
This even more important where students start with reduced oral and written English competence.
Our focus on education needs be continuous, real-time measurement of each student’s individual achievement, with support where they fail to progress, to ensure each progresses from their own efforts.
Schools need to prepare us all for ongoing learning. Education does not end when we leave school.
The NAPLAN tailored online test will present different questions for each student, questions determined by answers they provide. This is disruptive, reduces benefit from rote learning test questions to raise average school scores.
Our focus shifts to actual student understanding controlling their progress.
Education shifts from the class focus, to each individuals progress focus.
Improved internet access is required.
Which, if any, NT schools currently lack required internet access?
To improve internet access for individual schools, the NT needs address improved internet access to all NT communities, for students, their families, and so all those who left school can continue to interact, participate and learn.

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

Fiscal emergency: Get rid of Ministers, says Opposition
I believe most NT public servants are NOT incompetent. I am sure most work as best they can.
Australia wide public servants directly accountable to Government of the day, less to Parliaments.
Political party dominance appears to reduce Parliamentary accountability of the government.
Political parties seem to regard elections as a winner gets all, with reduced accountability.
IMHO the NT needs to introduce selection of the NT Administrator by popular vote.
A popularly elected Administrator should select eight ministers to manage “The Administrator’s” NT Government, with a maximum of one third of MLAs, from elected MLAs to ensure they remain accountable to the Legislative Assembly, thus to voters.

Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory
Re: Evelyne Roullet Posted January 16, 2019 at 6:30 pm.
The entire NT is a puppet on Commonwealth string. It is the Commonwealth which overturns many NT Government rules.

Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory
The Northern Territory will remain a dependent state of the Commonwealth, until the Commonwealth Parliament ends its racial apartheid policies.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as former Treasurer, surely knows the disadvantage imposed on the Northern Territory by the Commonwealth’s Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act.
The Commonwealth’s racist apartheid policies, with a lack of conventional responsibility and accountability, remain an ongoing obstruction to meaningful progress within the Northern Territory.
The Commonwealth will remain a primary source of funds for the ALR(NT) lands until this racist act is amended.
The Commonwealth Government misleads those living upon ALR(NT) lands that “Arbeit macht frei” (work sets you free, a slogan the Nazis applied to Jews in the concentration camps), when for decades the Commonwealth has maintained by legislation their disadvantages.
The Act requires the acceptance of racial division of Australians with “special benefits” involving separate responsibility and accountability.
The Commonwealth’s imposition of racial apartheid, racial segregation, denial basic rights and responsibilities remains a disgrace to most Australians.
The proportion of the national teen suicide rate directly relates, with all the related disadvantages experienced, to the Commonwealth’s ongoing promotion of apartheid policies.
Senator Nigel Scullion has been long aware that Australian families are denied their rights to live together, to visit each other, when they reside in the Commonwealth’s racially divided Northern Territory.

GST billions yet we’re still the basket case
Steve Brown Re: Posted January 9, 2019 at 5:07 pm “the sloth and dependence created by a truly socialist system, thanks to an over supply of untied, directionless funding.”
Left out is the gross lack of liability and public accountability provided by Commonwealth to Aboriginal Landrights (NT) corporate owner Land Trusts and their managers the Land Councils.
No other private corporate land owners are provided funds with such lack of accountability.
No other private or corporate land owners and managers receive million of dollars providing them assets without leases, without risk of loss.
The Commonwealth maintains lack of accountability spending million on maintenance and workers, all on this privately owned land without conventional leases.
The Commonwealth clearly prepared waste public funds directly and indirectly, with its ongoing promotion and protection of racism.
The Commonwealth needs to amend its ALR(NT) to ensure these corporate land owners hold same rights, must satisfy same responsibilities, face same public accountability, as other Australians and other private landowners.
The Commonwealth’s racist barriers to accountability for ALR(NT) corporate owners is the main reason these communities are effectively incapable of being self-sustainable.
Australians voted overwhelmingly in 1967 to remove barriers, particularly government barriers, to equality of opportunity.
The Commonwealth maintains same barriers today.
The 1967 referendum was to ensure equality of legal rights and legal responsibility, no more, no less.

The financial crisis in the Northern Territory
The primary disadvantage for NT in the past was, is still now, and appears ongoing, has been Commonwealth racist treatment of Australians, particularly in the NT.
The Commonwealth did not dump racism, instead it dumped measurable needs, promoting instead its use of racial tags for Australians.
The Commonwealth discriminates between Australians using racial identification as their measure, repeatedly claiming this repugnance most Australians find acceptable, it is not acceptable, indeed IMHO it remains a legal breach of our Australian Constitution.
The Commonwealth racist methodology does not distinguish between the well-off and others not well off, let alone those who have lifetime experience of deprivation.
The Commonwealth argues lawfulness to deny Australian families their otherwise held right to live together based on its racial testing of Australians.
The Commonwealth promotes racial identification of Australians, to qualify our legal rights, our legal responsiblities, our equality, as Australians.
Commonwealth promotes denial of assistance to Australians who clearly satisfy acknowledged levels of “need”, denies assistance to Australians who clearly demonstrate ongoing deprivation, for the Commonwealth defines the difference using the Commonwealth’s racial test.
Commonwealth racist methodology provides funds to individuals who do not need them using wealth tests, provides funds to individuals or groups who fail measurable standards of need tests for such assistance.
Commonwealth dumps measurable needs, promoting use of racial tags.
It is not a race thing for me, it is both a “rights” and a “needs” thing.

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