So now Council has to vote on whether to accept …

Comment on Cr Melky breaks silence on Code of Conduct complaints  by Hal Duell.

So now Council has to vote on whether to accept an apology for non-attendance. I wonder what will happen if they vote not to accept an apology?
In another matter, Council just lost a legal battle to recover money for an unpaid rates bill, or the interest accrued on that bill. Gary James Carter successfully argued that Council had stepped well over a six year time limit to recover the disputed money. A Sydney lawyer was engaged to argue Council’s case, but why wasn’t that statute of limitations picked up by Council’s in-house legal team? Those Sydney lawyers cost money, plus airfares, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And now we also have a Code of Conduct kerfuffle, questions about the budget and a murky if not outright misleading online survey about the Anzac Oval. Not looking real good, Council.

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Cr Melky breaks silence on Code of Conduct complaints 
Onya, Rex. If ever there is a local theatrical adaptation of The Silver Skates I hope you take the leading role.

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Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory
There’s good money to be had in naming rights.
The Huawei Uluru? Now there’s an idea.

Government offered council up to $5m for Anzac Oval
Five million sounds cheap. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost if I wanted to buy the Melanka site as it is?
And an aside to Janet Brown: If Gunner was really serious about using the old high school site, why is the school still standing?
Gunner has been running a scam since day one. I hope the ALP dumps him sooner rather than later.

National Indigenous Art Gallery future in doubt: Gunner
Unless there is a huge change of mind in council, Anzac Oval will not be sold to the NT government.
Unless there is a correspondingly huge change of mind by the recently formed group of traditional owners, the choice of Anzac Oval for any part of the proposed art gallery will not gain their approval.
So in the face of united opposition, Gunner is now saying the proposed gallery may not go ahead. But then he didn’t have the money to build it anyway, so what gives.
I suspect he is circling the wagons up in Darwin.
Gunner is on thin ice. His brand has become toxic.
I wonder, actually I seriously doubt, if he is still Chief Minister this time next year.

GST billions yet we’re still the basket case
Wow! Deep thanks to Erwin’s paper for publishing all this.
The incompetence of successive NT governments is laid out for all to see, but so what? They are hardly alone. Look at the US. Look at Europe. Hell, look at the Globalist World in its incompetent entirety.
Thirty years ago when the USSR’s communist model fell apart, I read an opinion piece somewhere which suggested that if the noise from that collapse (communism) was loud, even louder will be the noise when the other shoe (capitalism) drops.
This goes to the crux of why I appreciate The Donald. His is the most honest face America could be presenting to the world at this point in time. So look at it closely, and marvel at how we got here.
And then fasten your seat belt.

Bid to keep Rock climb open by heritage listing
If the climb ban goes ahead, it will be interesting to read the passenger numbers on the flights direct to The Rock in about a year’s time.

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