Wow, the neighbors must be real happy about that. Sorry …

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Wow, the neighbors must be real happy about that. Sorry about your property values.

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And now, your friendly neighbourhood prison
The saddest part (for the town’s image) of this story is the location.
I’m just thinking of those tourist passing through or staying in town arriving through the Gap and driving into town via Gap Road, they go down the road that most locals know as “the Bronx” and see these prison like dwellings, not a good image and this doesn’t help the town.
The people coming up with these brilliant ideas not doubt have no vested interest in making Alice Springs great again (not a Trump reference).

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Deputy Mayor Paterson: Don’t stop now!
As we are the home of the Finke Desert Race why doesn’t someone set up a small race track for people to hire, experience and get a feel for the action in a Finke style race buggy on a Finke style track?

Park, lights: ideas for a brighter town centre  
Isn’t there already a space like that on the other side of the river that never gets used?
Are we going to ignore the fact it would be right beside where drunks like to party and sleep, making it not the safest environment for children?
Also, the Riverside bar which would be opposite it, I’m sure anyone who is familiar with this area knows the danger in drunks fighting during the day, loitering out the front and down the road and dodgy kids who walk around testing all the car doors for an unlocked one.
It is a good idea just a dodgy spot, if they are going to build the Art Gallery then in that big patch of grass in front of it would be a better spot.

Air traffic: Looking down on Alice
Can any Minister stand up for The Alice? No, there appears to be a distinctive lack of caring for the town in all forms. Good work Minister Moss for doing nothing for the town.

More government handouts for alcohol traders
Wouldn’t be surprised to find someone making these decisions has shares in bottle shops, with the floor price increase with bottle shops keeping the excess cash (no going to victims of crime), police providing security work (when they should be employing local security firms instead) for the bottle shops and now this … why not put some of this money and resources towards helping people with drinking problems or victims?

Alice lesbian couple exercise their right to wed
I’m surprised it took this long to have the first in Alice, good on you two. Love is Love!

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