Wow, the neighbors must be real happy about that. Sorry …

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Wow, the neighbors must be real happy about that. Sorry about your property values.

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And now, your friendly neighbourhood prison
The saddest part (for the town’s image) of this story is the location.
I’m just thinking of those tourist passing through or staying in town arriving through the Gap and driving into town via Gap Road, they go down the road that most locals know as “the Bronx” and see these prison like dwellings, not a good image and this doesn’t help the town.
The people coming up with these brilliant ideas not doubt have no vested interest in making Alice Springs great again (not a Trump reference).

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Old mate is having a laugh. Go watch for a day how many people go into the Megafauna building, not many if any. 600 people at the opening – yeah well that might be well and good but that is just one occasion and it hasn’t shown much action since.
“Every student should be exposed to Aboriginal culture and art at some point during their formal education” this isn’t an argument point.
Last I checked kids are, there are classes dedicated to this and have been for many many years at all levels of schooling.

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If they are doing it there they need to rip the band-aid off quickly and just get it done. We all know they will end up doing what they want anyway.
I feel like they are just entertaining the people with ideas that the site can change (ticking mandatory boxes), but it won’t.

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