The saddest part (for the town’s image) of this story …

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The saddest part (for the town’s image) of this story is the location.
I’m just thinking of those tourist passing through or staying in town arriving through the Gap and driving into town via Gap Road, they go down the road that most locals know as “the Bronx” and see these prison like dwellings, not a good image and this doesn’t help the town.
The people coming up with these brilliant ideas not doubt have no vested interest in making Alice Springs great again (not a Trump reference).

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And now, your friendly neighbourhood prison
Wow, the neighbors must be real happy about that. Sorry about your property values.

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Unfortunately Hal if we got rid of half of them you could just imagine how hard it would be to get anything done by the government.
I would be willing to bet the majority of government workers in this town are employed in part to manage Indigenous matters which are basically why this town exist anyway.
The only way to fix it is to raise it with higher management I would think, so they get a kick up the back side.

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What nice behaviour, this town/territory is doomed.

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What a surprise, dodge the answers. Seems to be a way of life for these mob.

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You tell them, Ming.

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This is a terrible situation. And not a vegan in sight.

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