Thank you to ASNOL for running such a comprehensive piece. Hiroshima …

Comment on Picnic Day is Hiroshima Day too by Maya.

Thank you to ASNOL for running such a comprehensive piece.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing remain the first and hopefully last man-made and man-willed disaster.
The function to be held on the remembrance day at Kungkas Can Cook is now sold out. Sorry…
The RSVP date was 2 August so that the Kungkas could cook, and 80 is their upper limit…
If anyone turns up at the door without booking, I may say “WELCOME”, but no dinner and no seat, just stand at the back for Karina’s delivery and allow a small donation. Alice Springs shows such a fantastic community spirit.

Recent Comments by Maya

Gallery: What we need to know before we spend a cent
To whomever is the un-named consultant who gives us a cool-headed analysis of the BIG project: well said.
After all these considerations, why don’t we make it a SMALL project rather than a BIG one.
Why shouldn’t we develop a modest, personalised Centralian Aboriginal Art Gallery instead of a national one?

Council survey makes gallery confusion complete
The Council’s survey, as set above, is just confusing the issues, mixing parking bays, in or out of the Gap, etc., with the development itself involving Anzac Oval.
Right now the Council is to decide – after consultation with rate payers – if the residents are in favor or not of using the Anzac Oval site for the development of the “ïconic” National Aboriginal Art Gallery. Simple as that. The rest is here superfluous as it does not depend on the ratepayer.

What Ilparpa farm area residents are facing
Ilparpa … large blocks of land, people building homes and living out of but close to town with the pleasure and the inconvenience of it.
Ilparpa: Farming? Residential? Industrial?

Pitchi Ritchi: Nobody home
Heritage Alice Springs Inc located at The Residency is the association which is developing Pitchy Ritchy into a tourist venue. Not as easy as it sounds.

Will more consultants get tourism out of the mire?
Trevor and Mark (3rd and 4th July).
I share your views and the deplorable waste of money.
Visitor centre and tourist information should really be located at the entrance of town not in the middle of a mall which is neither pedestrian nor open to traffic.
The attraction of the old centralian town has been systematically demolished. KPMG or Deloitte are in no way aware of the taste and needs of visitors, mostly grey nomads not ready to go cycling or on long bush hikes at risk of heart attacks in +40o heat.
The young ones do not have the money to spend in town, the self funded retirees expect good service when they spend top $ in hotels and restaurants.
Lately we have seen how recommendations of consultancies reports are not taken into account in decision making.
This town has so much to offer, however most overseas publicity still markets Uluru and its airfares above the local attractions.
Above it all the greedy landlords of business premises in the CBD could keep their rental at affordable rate – and I think here of Centrecorp.
Put all these factors together and we may be able to solve the current depressed economics of a Town like Alice.

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