Prof Gerritsen goes courageously well beyond my level of expertise. …

Comment on Prof Gerritsen: We got it wrong from the start by Jeremy Eccles.

Prof Gerritsen goes courageously well beyond my level of expertise.
But I have been agitating for an Indigenous Cultural Institution ever since there was the faintest chance of it happening at Barangaroo in Sydney.
We do already have plenty of the fabulous art in galleries across the country; and it would be hard to match that at a gallery in Alice.
But offering an understanding of that art through explanations of the cultures behind it, the pre-colonial history, the laws and lore which created a society that has survived 50,000 years, and the ceremony that educated and sustained it is desperately needed for local and tourist consumption.
Sadly, the logic is that the Institution should be in Adelaide where the artefacts to illuminate the story have been best collected.
Maybe Paul Parker’s solution to NT governance is the answer!

Recent Comments by Jeremy Eccles

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Hey Erwin
You may care to note how differently such matters are handled in the uncivilised US of A!

The gallery fiasco (continued)
Sorry guys, the great galleries of the world haven’t emerged from bureaucratic efforts or public consultation.
Think MONA, Moma, TWMA, Guggenheim, Gulbenkian, Phillips,etc. Find an Indigenous dictator!

‘Largest, most representative’ collection gives SA gallery edge
As I have frequently written on Aboriginal Art Directory, the reality is that both cities can have their specialist museums if clear will and the money are available.
And cooperation is essential for Alice, as it needs other national collections to contribute constantly in the absence of a significant collection of its own.
Adelaide meanwhile has the history, the classical art and cultural material which make its institution so desirable.
Just stop playing games.

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