Two sets of rules? Some time ago-perhaps 20 years Olkefor …

Comment on Panel of just two for controversial Ilparpa decision by Trevor Shiell.

Two sets of rules? Some time ago-perhaps 20 years Olkefor No 3 was told of impending prosecution for manufacturing roof trusses on Mulla Mulla road at Conellan. He had to move.
At around the same time another resident was told the same thing when he was hiring out four or five caravans from a block on Heffernan. How times change.
Currently in this same area we have at least eight properties that are operating illegally, in the RL zone, ranging from trucking depots to a motor wrecking yard.
Brewer has been mentioned as an alternative but discounted as being long term, and too far, and everyone wants big profits yesterday.
I was given a lot of mealy mouthed reasons why land advertised as “Crown land-no trespassing”, south of he airport, was not available for the Crown to use, and the then planning minister drew back, saying too hard. (He was really saying he might lose a few votes.)
There has been no recognition of the fact the the town has outgrown its original purpose, (Telegraph line and Arltunga gold), and now needs to face the reality that it future is south of town at Brewer, where we have the intersection of three major trans national roads, north, south, east and west, and now from the Ord to the eastern markets via the Tanami.
Then add an internationally rated airport and a rail depot and you have something unique in the country, but not yet recognised.
It could be a gold mine for any transport company or industry to get in first and make use of these facts.
In addition, a cursory look at the current location of the national gas distribution network (Central Pet. website) clearly shows that the shortest distance from the WA gas reserves to the eastern states gas market is via Brewer, then via the new pipeline, some 400 km shorter that via Moomba – a fact not lost on the millionaires factory, Macquarie bank.
Hence their investment in Mereenie. Land at Brewer will be extremely valuable in the future, and the early bird gets the worm, while the planners here have still been in bed.
The short-sightedness has been breathtaking.
While we have been building houses here, two Australian companies have been setting up multi million dollar scientific arid land food production facilities in Israel, both related to medicinal marijuana.
Imagine the effect that that would have had had at Kilgarrif, and that was the tip of the invstment possibilities – now gone.

Recent Comments by Trevor Shiell

No youth detention facilities in residential areas: MLAs
On my way past the canal development aka ASRI recently I spotted a large dust cloud off to the north along a series of new fences.
Could it be that earthworks have already started on a new detention facility there without them telling anyone?
No. They would never do anything like that would they?
Come to think of it remember the first we heard of Kigarrif was a brief note from Paul Henderson as Chief Minister that the government had allocated $10m for head works just before an election. But governments don’t do things like that behind our backs, do they?

Step closer for rare earth mine employing up to 370
Apart from the rare earths component, of which China has about 97% of the worlds supply, we are due to run out of phosphate within 20 years and potash perhaps before that.
To see the veracity of these reports look at the website of Parkway minerals and their ASX notices.
There is a graph sourced from Forbes Investment Services which shows the gravity of the looming fertiliser shortage.
In addition to this, we will likely be importing phosphate from Algeria with all the political instability that that may involve.
We so have our heads in the sand.
There is also an interesting development with Northern Minerals an the world situation and competition for rare earths and their implications with defence and the production of weaponry, particularly in the USA.
To protect ourselves we should be going hell bent developed plant varieties with lower nutrient requirements but we prefer to build drag strips and sports pavilions rather than research into food production.
Both the Chinese and Indian authorities recognised this long ago, but we are slow learners.
PS: I have a vested interest in all three companies having purchased shares for my grand children 10 years ago.

Bilby’s greater foe: Cat or fox?
In the mid 60s a friend made a lot of money through fox skins which were in high demand in Europe.
He eventually built a unit on the Gold Coast with the profits. Sadly, the animal rights people objected, the bottom fell out of the skin market and our native animals have been suffering ever since.
The way he did it was to find a female in season, shoot it, tow it behind his ute for a long distance, then shoot the foxes that followed the pheromone trail.
He got literally hundreds.
Those of us that have heard dingoes behave in the same way can testify that it works.
I have seen the same thing happening with large mobs of feral camels and I wonder why we use expensive helicopters.
The biggest mob I have ever seen was north of Lake Eyre and contained perhaps 1000 animals.
I also wonder why this approach is not used on other species and who if anyone is doing the research to utilise their natural mating behaviour to control their numbers.
I also often wonder why the CRC for invasive animal control is based in Tasmania.
We have more invasive species here than they do and I wonder if anyone has attempted to get them to relocate here, or is that just another thing that politicians are bit ignorant of and don’t see the possibilities?

Four charter flights from Japan to Alice Springs
Arissu Supuringsu Ni yokoso!!! It should have been an international port of arrival and international freight distribution centre years ago in conjunction with a dedicated technical development park exporting technology based on what we do best (solar) 40 years ago.
This was the basis of a plan put by INratril, the then owners, to Government, but ignored.
The future of the town is still south of The Gap and it will happen by attrition whether we like it or not.
We had the same opportunity based on arid land food production but houses got in the way.

Government-made dust bowl: What comes next
That’s not the issue. It should never have happened in the first place.

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