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Comment on Define gallery purpose before picking a site: Bruce Walker by Ray.

I was listening to Dave Batic on the radio about the same subject and he was saying that a visit to the National Aboriginal gallery should be placed on the National Curriculum to showcase art and Aboriginal cultural.
That had me wondering, is this gallery going to be showcasing Central Australian art, or will it be featuring that with other SAboriginal art from around the country to keep in line with the “National” side of things?
What sort of cultural learning will be there? Culture from the Arrente from Central Australia, or also that from WA, the Top End, Victoria, QLD?
Is the membership and exec of the Chamber of Commerce privy to some extra info of what the building will contain?
If so it would be good for the residents to have this info.
As far as my question above, why would school kids from, say Geelong come here unless it featured Aboriginal customs, art and traditions from their area? Or is it a case that people are thinking that the aborigine from Papunya has the same culture, beliefs and art as that of a clan from the Mornington Peninsula or Bribie Island?
Surely if more Aboriginal history is added to the national curriculum, it would focus on the people, traditions and customs of the people who lived in the local area, unless our national museum contains information relating to all other language and tribal groups throughout the country.
If that is the case, then surely we need to adjust the projected figures and in turn the economic benefit.
For the claims that it will bring 150,000 extra tourists a year, and domestic tourism from school groups dwarfing even that figure, even the entire site of the Anzac Oval precinct would be needed if it is to truly be a national art gallery. Otherwise it would be a Central Australian Art Gallery, which one is it?
One would hope that the planners understand the concept that Australia was made up of over 200 hundred nations not just Aboriginal people as one collective.
Unless this is addressed the bickering over its purpose and representation will make it a laughing stock. Let’s hope the consultation with TOs from around the country are done better than what we have seen so far.
Policy on the run? We seem to becoming used to that. But to allocate so much money into it when we don’t actually have any, for an economic benefit that relies on crossing your fingers, seems to be so irresponsible it is not funny.

Recent Comments by Ray

Classroom cops back – but only in one Alice school
Ha ha, body worn vests. Not sure how else a vest is worn if not on the body?
Maybe the info supplied to the Alice Springs News Online meant to say body worn cameras? The same ones supplied to operational police and most recently housing officers.
On another note, Alex, are you serious? Criminal guards? Maybe you refer to the farce of a RC, who referred matters to NT Police who found no basis for charges to be laid against the workers involved.
One of the workers was charged in Supreme Court, but found to be acting lawfully, skilfully and appropriately, not once but also on appeal. Transcript is available.
As far as raising the age of criminal responsibility? Simply means that kids will be free to break in, bash, steal, rob, destroy for two more years and face no real consequence.
Tell me how that goes down when you are confronted with a 13-year-old girl with a knife. Believe me, these kids know right from wrong at 10, but we give them two years’ grace.
These are not naughty children, then are unloved kids who have learned that it is kill or be killed, and get a kick out of seeing somebody else in fear rather than them.

Business group may establish ‘federal’ prison in The Centre
Employment for up to 200 staff to run it, their families, infastructure, employment, local businesses to supply food, and equipment.
Located 20 to 30km out of town, like the current NT one is, what is there not to like.
If the Feds are paying, the technology will be pretty good. Go for it.

Gallery: national reference group appointed
Evelyn, sorry I have no idea what it may be, but this link might give an indication of what members of statutory bodies are paid.

Gallery: national reference group appointed
Agree Russell, much like the recent Royal Commission where a predetermined outcome was presided over by a person who knew the ending before it began, who was unable to find the evidence until it was presented to the public after the enquiry had concluded.
A well paid job if you can get it. It seems that we, the hoi polloi, pay quite well when we have no choice in the funding.

Gallery: national reference group appointed
Evelyn, you mention the remuneration of a member of the Legislative Assembly.
The appointed people are not MLAs, nor will they be paid that amount.
They would be appointed as a member of a statutory body and paid in line with that role under division 2 of the Act. Let’s not jump to conclusions here.
Although it will be a substantial payment, it is likely to be far less than what an MLA receives.

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