@ Evelyne Roullet: I am so sorry to offend you …

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@ Evelyne Roullet: I am so sorry to offend you and now understand why these geese are there. They certainly do not represent the contributors to Alice, just the ones that would prefer Jacinta not to speak her mind.
If political bias and tax payer money was a real concern, then the likes of these water fowl are as guilty as anyone serving.
Maybe, for the sake of openness and transparency, all councillors should publicly declare who they vote for and where the funding comes from for their other avocations.
I’m guessing some of the dissenters might put their hands out for public funding. Some might even owe some sort of allegiance to our very own NT Government for handouts already received.
BTW, is my last name a concern for you?
I would have thought that attacking my comments would be suffice on such a platform, unless of course you have ulterior motives.

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Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council
@ Dr Ongo: Great point! Yes, I would want the council to invite and accommodate an afternoon for our probable next Prime Minister; Mr Bill Shorten.
Simply a matter of course and if the Honourable Warren Snowden was present it would make absolute sense that they shared the afternoon. I wonder if these beautiful, intelligent Anatidae family [ the biological family of birds that includes ducks, geese, and swans] within the council (yes, unavailing vernacular) would have protested?

Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council
This was all over $1409.91. What a joke and waste of council time, but I guess the likes of Melky and co are there to just stir trouble for no tangible outcome.
Who elected these geese!
Maybe we should sack half the councillors and bureaucrats in the civic centre and start employing people that make a difference to Alice Springs.
Here’s a thought, maybe employ more at the council depot where the only real effort is made anyway.

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Town Council riven by conflict, lack of leadership
I love the bigotry of the left! Price is a champion of what is right, not a sheep lost in group think mentality. Price represents oppressed woman and children of this town and the wider concerns of the communities. Why would she not be one of the best people to be part of a Prime Minister’s meeting. First choice really!!
The trouble makers in the council are the ego driven few, backed by a group that want to divide and conquer this community. It is an effective strategy of the left to cause chaos before sliding into power. Hold tight Damien and those other constructive and stable councillors. You would be surprised by the quiet support you have. AND to Jacinta Price, you are the future of strong representative politics and look forward to seeing you make a difference.

No ‘mitigation’ of major dust hazard for road users
What a non-issue! The drain was obviously necessary as the existing drains filled near to capacity on relatively light rains.
This allows the overflow to dissipate through a combination of absorption and evaporation.
Won’t be long before this area is grassed and the minor dust issue gone.

Jacinta Price ready to turn her back on the Town Council
Well said Steve Brown, go for it Jacinta, your values and commitment are truly what we need. The progression of the Northern Territory as one people will improve the lives of all.

Jacinta Price: talking about Aboriginal people but not for them?
@ Jones: But what are the solutions?
They are removing children from harm to start with, breaking the pathetic response from deliberately blinded political advocates such as yourself.
There are obviously emergency solutions for emergency situation. We are constantly taught this in OHandS. If high risks cannot be mitigated they need to be eliminated, such as removing these children from their communities and giving them hope into other families, black or white.
Opening adoption laws and stopping this politically correct approach to culture.
As Jacinta and Bess openly state, culture can still be attained by other means and what are these kids (at risk) really getting from their communities anyway?

Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
Alice is in big trouble and we have a Government determined to break it completely.
Technical compliance bull$#it is all this government is about. They will continue to destroy small local businesses and industry the way they’re going.
Good Luck to you Liz, you have helped create something from nothing, you are a true champion of enterprise.
Pity this bureaucratic government doesn’t see that people like you are essential to strong communities.

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