@ Local1 you say: “Just in case a PM decides …

Comment on Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council by Local2.

@ Local1 you say: “Just in case a PM decides to visit”!!??
The PM came specifically to support Jacinta Price’s political campaign!
The Alice Springs Town Council is being used as a plaything for Country Liberal Party aspirations and as a ratepayer I say this stinks! I applaud all Councillors who stay strong on this matter!
Mari Banks, fantastic stuff! It takes a tough person to stand up to this rot and you have my vote because of it!
CLP interests are NOT Alice Springs interests!
@ Steve Brown and others. Why are ex-councillors getting involved in this Council in such a partisan way?! They are bringing the Council into disrepute just when we need a council to stand strongly and independently from the NT Government … and of course this is not mentioning the circus that is the Federal Government!
The CLP has used the ASTC as its plaything for too long and it just crossed the line!

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