Kyle: Pretty sure that’s our money to start with, just …

Comment on Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council by Prettysure.

Kyle: Pretty sure that’s our money to start with, just like its our money which was collected in council rates to pay for what was in essence a political event.
The simple fact of the matter is that whether it was, 1400 bucks or 14, it was an obvious conflict of interest and shouldn’t have been done in the public’s name. People in these positions know for instance not to accept gifts or favours for obvious legal and ethical reasons.
These guys should have known better and the sooner everything is fessed up to and handled, the better.

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SA budget allocation may put paid to Alice gallery: Higgins
If you’re so worried about this Garry why don’t you pick up the phone, call Jamie DeBrenni, call Mayor Damien Ryan and call Jacinta Price to vote for authorising it the next time it comes up before council?
8/10ths of the people standing in the way of the project going ahead are CLP oldie whinge voters who can’t accept the fact that things are changing and that Alice Springs isn’t going to stay in statis from the days they remember in the 70s and 80s or before forever.
Yet barely between breaths those same people in public meetings for locals will whinge that the town is in decay and that we need to reinvigorate the CBD. What do you think this is?
Better yet, we get a new footy ground out of it as well, which is also good for local contractors too!
The government and the builders and contracts want to start now, not in five years time after all those people have left for retirement or died.
I’m not the greatest Labor fan in the world but this gridlock are from the people I described earlier and you can actually do something about it.
So do it.

NT cops handcuffed, says Opposition Leader
I read in the NT News today that the Federal government is supposed to be funding 350 cops outside of Darwin in the NT.
It turns out that the average cost of a copper is $165,000. The current funding is $23m from the Commonwealth for those coppers. The cost of actually having those 350 cops outside of Darwin would be $57.75m.
Yet again Malcolm Turnbull pisses in our pockets and tells us its raining.

PM’s visit poorly planned political stunt: Snowdon
Warren literally lives here in Alice Springs WITH his daughters and partner. It’s common knowledge.

PM’s visit poorly planned political stunt: Snowdon
I did some digging around and it seems that Malcolms “two day” visit to Tennant Creek amounted to about 11 hours on the actual ground doing things with the people of Tennant Creek.
He only showed because of the intense media pressure on him after that toddler got raped and for no other reason.
Hell, he didn’t even show up when Darwin got wrecked by that cyclone at the start of the year.

Economy worsens: Higgins
What a total crock of shite.
The reason why property prices are plummeting is because the previous government that Gary was a part of did nothing in terms of planning for future projects after INPEX was finished.
The real reason why this happened was because it was too busy imploding on itself and the CLP squabbling amongst themselves rather than governing properly or addressing the fact (perhaps deliberately as they saw the writing on the wall for their government) to the fact that we were careening towards the economic cliff edge.
And people wonder how things have snowballed since? (Facepalm), it genuinely baffles me.
And now Gary who was one of the few survivors who made it after voters punished them is now trying to disassociate himself with his own legacy and shift it onto anyone but himself. Were you not born with a backbone? Take some bloody responsibility.
So here we are.
Now with INPEX over and with thousands of workers packing up and taking off, Darwin and the areas immediately around it are experiencing drops in rental prices and property prices as these extremely high paid jobs take off elsewhere and the landlords who for years were price gouging locals are forced to accept that few people outside of those industries are prepared to pay that much for their inflated apartments or properties (see “reality check” for further details).
This was always going to happen unless other projects were started well prior to keep the wheels of the economy turning.
Elsewhere in the Territory, prices are still fairly business as usual and in places like Alice Springs, rentals are actually climbing and the local economy is in many ways stable or growing, particularly around tourism.
What people fail to appreciate is that big projects and plans take years or even decades to get off the ground.
If there was going to be something to plug INPEX it probably would have needed to start before the current government took the reins to go through all the legal compliance, planning and approval stages for it to be properly underway before INPEX finished (which it only just did). It is as simple as that.
Meanwhile (and think what you will about the current government) but the current government realising that the writing was on the wall when they took the “books” over and saw the looming crisis in its first administration (see “poisoning the well”).
To try to sort this it has made a desperate attempt to keep the ball rolling and to prevent further cuts to its GST budget by approving fracking to keep these gas workers here (or at least bring them back) and has been approving new mines left right and centre, along with this $200m hotel district in Darwin they’ve just signed off on in an attempt to push things along again. (Yet again however, it will take years to get these things properly sorted).
If Mr Higgins had the foresight to do something he probably would have. Regrettably it seems he does otherwise it would seem to suggest that his side put the politics of sabotaging the incoming government in an attempt to derail the NT economy above the principles of sensible governance and the prosperity of his fellow citizens.
And now to top it off, his Liberals team and Malcolm Turnbull (see “puppet master”) have cut the GST in an attempt to drive our Territory into further crisis.
You want something done about the social crises in the NT? How do you intend to pay for it?
Nothing could be more reckless than to kneecap our economy through either deliberate scorched earth political policy or outright incompetence and then to exacerbate the social issues we have by encouraging the Feds to cut back to push the Territory to breaking point.
And then this smoke and mirrors misinformation?
Mr Higgins, if you have a shred of honour and decency about you, fall on your own sword Sir. Seriously. Fall on your own sword.

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