This gallery is a really quite a cynical exercise, it …

Comment on The gallery fiasco (continued) by Dr Ongo.

This gallery is a really quite a cynical exercise, it is paying no respect to Indigenous people or culture.
It is just trying to appropriate indigenous culture to boost the tourism industry.
Two Indigenous experts commissioned by government recommend the desert park. Senior custodians say not at Anzac Hill.
Arrernte people and community in general upset by the poor attempt at consultation.
This project as a national INDIGENOUS art gallery should be being run and promoted by Arrernte and other Indigenous peoples but instead it is being pushed by a government intent in using Indigenous peoples’ culture and history to push their own agenda.
Unless the government steps back and gives some ownership to Indigenous people it is bound to be a failure and an expensive exercise in how not to engage with Indigenous people and the broader community.

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Gallery should be all set to go
“If developed properly.” Jeff, that’s the thing this has not been developed properly.
There has been no respect for locals. The government chose the site before any of us knew about the plans and has been trying to bully us ever since.
People travelling from OS or interstate are not going to travel all that way and only go to the gallery.
They will visit other attractions and the town centre wherever the gallery is.
Custodians have been developed, ignored, avoided or hand selected.
Two surveys including the governments own have shown a majority for the gallery but against the Anzac site.
There has been no rational reasoning put forward as to why Anzac is the only possible place.
They have no business case, they have no money no idea and not a lot of support.

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Gallery expert: Anzac site cannot work

Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council
Culturally Jacinta has no authority to do a welcome to Mparntwe. It needs to be an Mparntwe person. It is a tokenistic gesture. How many would leave if told they weren’t welcome?

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