Unfortunately Shannon, Fred may be correct. You can call it …

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Unfortunately Shannon, Fred may be correct.
You can call it racism all you want, but what do the facts say? If you look at policing numbers based on the percentage of Indigenous population in smaller towns, it is disproportionately higher.
You say that 67% of homicides were domestic vilonce, what percentage of those were Indigenous victims or perpetrators? Look at the daily court lists, look at incarceration rates, especially in our youth detention facilities.
Identifying the issues is the first step towards solving them. While crime is not only an Indigenous issue, the stats, as sad as they are indicate that while not “only” an Indigenous problem, it seems to be the “primarily one”.
Unfortunately by shooting the messenger, and labelling people who are prepared to state the obvious, nobody will be prepared to step up and start to tackle the issue. Is that not what we want, to reduce the amount of violence, murderss, incarceration?
How good would it be if the amount of deaths caused to Aboriginal women by their partner equaled the number of deaths caused to non Indigenous women by their partner. That would equate to a hell of a lot more Indigenous women still alive today.
It was found that there was a massive difference in employment between Indigenous and non Indigenous, therefore identified positions were created to fix that imbalance.
It was found that rates of homelessness amongst Indigenous were higher than non Indigenous, so billions were allocated to try and rectify the problem. See the pattern?
Unless we are prepared to identify the problem and be honest with ourselves, the problem will never be fixed. And looking at those stats, it is a massive problem.

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Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
Agreed Evelyn, but some of these are. WHS laws have failed this person.
Let’s hope she takes it to Worksafe NT, as there are certainly some breaches here.
Every workplace needs a health and safety rep.

Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
Wow, so many nasty and uninformed comments here. Even Joel Flemming, one of the most knowledgable people we have has said that Remote 4WD training should be a part of any worker’s training before they go remote.
Ultimately it is the bosses’ responsibility to assess the hazard and manage the risk, and yes, the worker has the right to refuse unsafe work.
Unfortunately it does not always happen in the real world especially the NT, and workers are often victimised when exercising their rights, especially as there has been a substantial review into OHS in the Territory recently.

Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
She’s not the only one Erwin, you would be amazed at some organisations that do exactly the same thing, except they do have a satellite phone.

Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order
Karen: It is simply using a noun verses an adjective, either is accpeptable, neither is disrespectful. Are there not more important things to worry about?

Government backflip leaves Centre’s youth worst off
Evelyne, you have absolutely nailed it. Sadly the pandering virtue signallers that Matthew refers to will protect them from that and guarantee their spiral into a life of incarceration.

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