This is one of the most articulate and well thought …

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This is one of the most articulate and well thought out responses I have read on the subject yet.
The more logical, and less emotional thought that is put into it leads me to believe that after the hype has died down, our best investment maybe not to have it at all.
Develop transport hubs, release land, subsidize investment, create tax relief, get people here to invest and fix crime and itinerants.
That will drive growth, and then big projects can be created and supported.
It may not be the big ticket item someone wants to have their name on, but it may be a much better investment for the future.
Prove that future planning is boundless and that an exciting future is possible.

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Scholarships of up to $60,000 for Aboriginal students
Sorry Erwin, correction to my previous one, bloody iPad comes up with some doozy auto corrects.
First line should read why not a scholarship … etc.
Third line down should be a Top Ender will relate to a central Australian … etc.
Last line should be special measures, not social measures.

Scholarships of up to $60,000 for Aboriginal students
Not a scholarship for all Territorans who want to pursue a career in education.
Why do we continue this division?
Surely we want the best educators, not just the best ones with the right coloured skin.
Unless this identity politics is called out for what it is we are in strife in the future.
My kids have been taught by black, white, straight, gay and probably a few more variations, and honestly, all they want is a teacher who can show them the wonder of learning and can teach because they have a passion for it.
Discrimination alive and well under the guise of social measures. One day we will wake up.

Park, lights: ideas for a brighter town centre  
James, the idea of the riverside area is to make it unattractive to drunks, but making it attractive to shoppers, families and so on.
The grassed area outside the Todd Tavern would just be a starting point [followed by] the other side, where the bistro, bottle shop, coffee shop and cinema are located.
If that area all the way up to the Parsons Street area is developed, featuring a massive, landscaped skate park complete with undercover indoor cafe, gift shop, picnic area and outdoor sports area, it would be a terrific expansion of the Mall, as long as it was policed properly to keep it that way.
Build it high enough to incorporate flood mitigation and planning for flood events (eg proper planning), it could be fantastic.
If Matt Paterson and his fellow councillors, through consultation with the Chamber of Commerce, residents and relevant Aboriginal groups, it will be a terrific legacy.
Some of the skate parks in major regional areas are not hidden away, they are celebrated and woven into the fabric of the community, and are virtually public parklands that have the infastructure that attracts young people and families.
All the best Matt, love to have a chat to you about it.

Park, lights: ideas for a brighter town centre  
Hmm, using the riverbank for a community open space, that seems familiar, thought that appeared in the readers’ comments section last year some time. Glad somebody has picked it up.

More government handouts for alcohol traders
Can we get a program called HomeSecure, as once they discover it’s harder to steal from the shops, our backyard beer fridges are next.
Close down all the IGAs and smaller licences, in exchange for them running an off site seperate Dan Murphy’s.
Only one store to patrol, pricing in line with national prices, and secure to prevent break-ins.
We get lower prices all the time, a lot less police needed for the only solution that ever really worked, and less humbug at shops. Problem solved.

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