Remuneration will be in line with the Assembly Members and …

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Remuneration will be in line with the Assembly Members and Statutory Officers (remuneration and Other Entitlements) Act approved classification.
Could we have an idea of the cost of this new exercise ?
Basic Salary for Assembly Member
10. The Tribunal has determined that the basic salary for Assembly Members should be
increased by 2% to $162 696 effective from 1 January 2019. This increase was determined
after taking into account general movements in salary and wages, both in Australia and the
Northern Territory, and the recent increase for Federal Parliamentarians of 2% effective from
1 July 2018.
Traveling Allowance
11. The Tribunal addressed the issue of the various Traveling Allowances paid to Members who
live outside of Darwin when they are required to attend Assembly business and other approved business in Darwin …
Therefore the Tribunal has introduced a single rate for Members when they are required to travel to Darwin for Assembly or related business. This rate has been set at $400 per day, irrespective of the accommodation chosen by Members.

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Gallery: national reference group appointed
Local 1: The division 2 of the Act does not give a figure. Could you give us an idea?

Gallery: national reference group appointed
This should have been done longtime ago as a first step. The Relativity of Dream Time? Dream Time vs “real” time.

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‘Lost’ man survived on bushfood banquet
Was he really lost? Or was it a demonstration of Aboriginal superiority in skill and knowledge of this land?
No supermarket, no Google, no GPS etc. How many Australians know what is a soakage? And especially make one?
Soakages were once a dependable and important water source for Australian Aboriginal people and although many are dried or contaminated now, they can still be found across the deserts.
Those skills should be taught in all our schools as survival is more important than money.
In case of national disaster, I put my life in Aboriginal hands rather that in our governments’.

Drowning in bad news stories? Try this.

Missing man found safe and well after 17 days
Police said they will interview Morton once he has recovered to learn more about his 17-day disappearance, including how he was able to survive in the extreme conditions. ???
The same way that Aborigines used to survived in Australia before the white settlers came.

The stolen child who went to university
@ David, Posted February 11, 2019 at 11:00 pm: “We need to get some things straight here.
If policemen, holy men of the cloth, miners, pastoralist, vagabonds of the day, had kept their trousers buttoned up and not pursued Aboriginal women, there would not be a stolen generation, that is, children sired by non Aboriginal men as those described.”
Your comment underlines the fact that those children were part of two communities: Aboriginal and European.
I am in total agreement with you, it was a disgrace that those children were stolen from their mother; but in this period of history women of any skin colour did not have many rights.

Make September 8 Australia Day, anthem in Pitjantjatjara
Great ideas, Ted.

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