Is it any wonder people are leaving the Northern Territory …

Comment on Gallery: Council has no choice but to accept public’s verdict by Braedon Earley.

Is it any wonder people are leaving the Northern Territory in droves. Is it any wonder business confidence is so bad that even mum and dad investors are looking to move there money interstate or overseas?
The recent handling of the Anzac Oval fiasco in Alice Springs speaks for itself.
The actions of the Arts Minister, the Tourism Minister and the Chief Minister are worthy of a vote of NO COFIDENCE because that’s what they bring to the Territory – NO CONFIDENCE.
People have had enough, business has had enough, leave us alone with your stupid ideas, stop forcing your unbelievable unbankable ideology down our throats, we are over it and over you.
Ministers, you have misspent public money and you have mislead the people by not conducting a professional poll.
Instead you have conducted an activity which some could be claimed was a cash for comment (free coffee) exercise and further could be claimed that you placed people under duress to respond positively.
This behaviour and your activities trying to beguile the people of Alice Springs is unacceptable. Council, put a vote of NO CONFIDENCE on them, it will find its way to Darwin.

Recent Comments by Braedon Earley

Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
It would appear that the efforts of some to form another political party and obtain the status of opposition has failed.
There goes at the same time the financial incentives (sought by some) to start the party as well.
It would also appear that point scoring by an independent elected member, claiming the high ground, on the back of the work by others, “the un-wielding mighty four Alice Springs councillors” is also the order of the day for the current sittings of the Legislative Assembly.
Alice Springs is not attracting positive media about the hard working community members or its efforts to stand against a dictatorial NT Labor Government when it comes to protecting its community icons like ANZAC Oval.
It would appear from the outside looking in, that the township is poorly represented at the moment on all fronts and only exacerbated by the negative press both nationally and internationally.
I believe Alice Springs could be represented by people who genuinely have the community as their first and only priority.
Better represented in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly and better represented in Federal Politics.
In my opinion, the current status quo is not working in the best interest if Alice Springs.

Coles Aboriginal employment promotion hits the spot
Well done Coles, well done Martin Taylor.

Council shoots Anzac precinct gallery down in flames
Well done all.

Changes to non-pastoral use will stifle development
Well, the CEO of the NTCA is pro fracking and couldn’t have given two hoots about the rights of Territorians and anti-frackers when he was with the NT News.
No credibility when it comes to drawing sympathy from us now, Ashley, when it comes to the rights of others.

Scullion and Price charged for PM’s reception
Caught in the act, some one should resign, sorry is not good enough.

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