Is it any wonder people are leaving the Northern Territory …

Comment on Gallery: Council has no choice but to accept public’s verdict by Braedon Earley.

Is it any wonder people are leaving the Northern Territory in droves. Is it any wonder business confidence is so bad that even mum and dad investors are looking to move there money interstate or overseas?
The recent handling of the Anzac Oval fiasco in Alice Springs speaks for itself.
The actions of the Arts Minister, the Tourism Minister and the Chief Minister are worthy of a vote of NO COFIDENCE because that’s what they bring to the Territory – NO CONFIDENCE.
People have had enough, business has had enough, leave us alone with your stupid ideas, stop forcing your unbelievable unbankable ideology down our throats, we are over it and over you.
Ministers, you have misspent public money and you have mislead the people by not conducting a professional poll.
Instead you have conducted an activity which some could be claimed was a cash for comment (free coffee) exercise and further could be claimed that you placed people under duress to respond positively.
This behaviour and your activities trying to beguile the people of Alice Springs is unacceptable. Council, put a vote of NO CONFIDENCE on them, it will find its way to Darwin.

Recent Comments by Braedon Earley

‘Save Anzac Oval’ motion defeated
It would appear that five of Alice Springs elected councillors have forgotten why they were elected?
Or are they playing politics with this highly sensitive issue?
Is it possible that those councillors (perceived to be Country Liberal supporters) have aligned them selves with their Labor counterparts in the NT Government?
Is this the future for the people of Central Australia, where Liberal aspirants preference inept Labor initiatives over common sense, and the will of the people?
A limited choice from a very shallow and complicit gene pool at best, come the next election.

Voter banned from Parliamentarian’s office
Trespass orders aren’t worth the paper they are written on, but how typical of a red shirt wearing staffer to back a sitting ALP Member, no surprise there.
Bruce is right, the sitting sleeping Member for Katherine was elected on the back of a BAN FRACKING preference deal.
In fact sox other Labor MLAs were too, only for her to deny the constituents what they actually voted for at the first chance.
SHAME ON YOU Sandra, you should put a trespass order on every one in Katherine, because they all feel the same way.

Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition
No Confidence in the Gunner Government.

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
@ Alex Nelson: I beg to differ on one of your points Alex, if 1 Territory is elected at the next election we will listen to the people and will not push down their throats social engineering, unwanted projects or fracking. So it does matter which political party is in power. If you want liars and frackers vote for the CLP or the ALP, the choice is quite simple.

The millions and the misery
What is the point of land councils amassing so much wealth? When aboriginal people are still struggling soo much?

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