I am in favor of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery …

Comment on National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud by Jeffrey Kennedy.

I am in favor of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery at the Anzac Oval site.

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Government deception clouds gallery debate
Funny article, I suggest you be honest and say that you at least question the government’s motivation and motives.
This article is biased and lacks objectivity. There is an implication in the writing that if any group or individual is positive towards this development they have been hoodwinked by the government.
Further Erwin you are as aware as I am about the lack of security with the council survey. The old Labor adage of vote early and vote often comes to mind.
I read your article on how the council would weed out the multiple votes from individuals.
You would know as well as anyone that the need to do this corrupts the council survey straight away.
For those that are against the Anzac oval site this survey result suites their purposes.
If the vote was the other way the same people would discredit it immediately.
On this alone the council has to take responsibility for stuffing it up and the council survey will have no bearing on the decision making to do with the siting of the National Aboriginal Art Gallery.
It can’t.
Many thanks. Jeffrey Kennedy.

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