Why or why don’t the Government listen to the people …

Comment on Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition by Yvonne Driscoll.

Why or why don’t the Government listen to the people who live in Alice and leave Anzac Oval alone. We will continue to fight for what we believe.

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Gallery at Anzac: Council has no position, says Deputy Mayor
The council have to pay attention to the poll they conducted and support our town’s decision.
What was the point if the poll otherwise? We will continue to fight to save Anzac Oval. Thanks Eli. We will be there at the meeting.

Anzac Oval ‘change of use’: council gives constituents the brushoff
We are left confused and not sure what is happening now.

Old Melanka site for sale – again
Use the Melanka site for the art gallery. Perfect location.

National Aboriginal gallery: Town Council’s action clear as mud
I left the meeting with the impression that the council supports the AS poll where 58% voted to leave Anzac oval alone. It’s now so important that the Indigenous people are part of the action committee.

New gallery committee to get no say on location
Now the council poll results are out it is obvious that the majority of people do not want the gallery built on the Anzac site so it’s time the Government show respect to our community. The gallery can be built on ANOTHER site.

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