Well done Cr Melky. How can we have delegates on …

Comment on Gallery at Anzac: Council has no position, says Deputy Mayor by Joan Carpenter.

Well done Cr Melky. How can we have delegates on the proposed working group, representing the council, (us???) if the council does not have a clear position. They can listen to all the Government spin and misleading information, but they must endorse the finding of the survey. The majority want a galley, but not an Anzac Oval.
Note, Cr Paterson voted in favour of the original MOU and supports the Anzac Oval site.
Surly a conflict of interest should he be a member of the working group, as he would have to support the results of the community survey.

Recent Comments by Joan Carpenter

Gallery: Friday is the day
Why were we not asked the question, do you want a new gallery? We already have beautiful, well used galleries at Araluen.
How many people from The Center were on the decision making committee? This town does not need to be divided by anything at the moment, certainly not covering the backsides of the people who have decided we are going to get one, and have offered us the choice of where to put it.
How very nice of them, when one site means giving up a historic site and well used oval, with no plans or money to spend on a replacement. The online survey didn’t ask the right questions for me.
What about spending the money on a flood mitigation / recreation dam, something every one can enjoy.
I appreciated Robin’s efforts to bring this issue to the public attention, as taking away Anzac oval is criminal to even think about it, and spending such a large sum of money on a project Darwin decided we need is not consulting the people.

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