NT must think globally and act now or China will …

Comment on Go north, young man by Psuedo Guru.

NT must think globally and act now or China will sort law, land, water and solar issues overnight and create massive growth.

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Alice Springs airport upgrade should interest Qantas pilot training academy No 2. A sound NAIF investment.

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Mineral exploration on the way up
NT desperately needs eco-friendly mining investment and infrastructure projects.

Charles Perkins: Australia’s Nelson Mandela
Charles Perkins said: “We were saying to Aboriginal people who were comfortable as second-class citizens, ‘Look at yourselves, and don’t accept it. Take some initiative, or the next generation will end up being like you: unskilled, uneducated, unemployed and unemployable.”
True words.

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Kids stay in school and learn. Politicians make smart decisions re their future?

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