Ian, I can only assume that Steve is referring to …

Comment on Code of conduct allegations ‘vexatious, frivolous’ – councillor by InterestedDarwinObserver.

Ian, I can only assume that Steve is referring to the Constitution only naming two levels of Government. Council is a service provider – to consider them the third level of Government is questionable.
Governments’ key duties are national defense, national infrastructure, upholding the rule of law (which should not be frivolous and personal liberty reducing in nature, though becoming increasingly so in the nanny state movement) and implementing a taxation system to manage these items.
Anything above and beyond these items become socialist / communist in nature and leads to bloat, higher taxes and reduced personal freedoms and personal responsibility.

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Air race re-enactment government’s latest financial folly
Evelyn, the comparisons don’t end there! Nero was ruled by and for his mother. Gunner is ruled by and for his chief of staff!

Police drop MLA’s trespassing charge
Bruce, NT Labor are determined to stand up perpetual victims, identity politicians and social justice warriors. Unfortunately the most minor of challenges to them sees them wither – hence your totally uncalled for trespass notice.
What a disgusting thing to have occurred to you and what a sad indictment upon our democracy and freedom of speech.
If a politician cannot handle an energetic conversation with a constituent, what chance does she have standing up for her constituents against the mindless Labor caucus and their overarching bureaucrats.
To think Sandra served in the army! God help us if we are ever challenged by more than words!

Vowles, McConnell and Collins dumped from Caucus
Gunner also thought it wrong for the sacked trio to question the capabilities of Nicole Manison to handle her growing portfolio.
Let’s be honest, Nicole is in charge of two of the most important areas – police and treasury. Neither of these are going particularly well.
Perhaps we should look at the experience of the minister. Nicole is in her late 30s, entered parliament in 2013 at about 33 years of age.
So between leaving school and 33 you would hope she achieved something big? From what is publicly known, she studied PR and journalism, worked for a while in HR and then became a media advisor to past leaders Henderson and Lawry.
So she has never run her own budget, with her own money in her own enterprise and nor has she ever had to manage the security and ongoing crime in her own business. Yet now she is in charge of both of these things for the entire NT Population.
Experience? Nil. Performance to date? Fail.
The chief’s long list of experience are much better though. A bachelor of arts, some work at Big W and then a career working for Clare Martin.
No wonder things are so dire with the caliber of this mob. Put the business experience and fiscal management of the Labor cabinet together and you wouldn’t be able to run a chook raffle.

Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present
Vicki, the courts allowing a policy under the guise of special measures is irrelevant to my comment.

Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present
Vicki, I find nothing positive in any form of discrimination.
This belongs to the philosophy of Reverse Racism, Special Measures and Affirmative Action.
It is ignorance to think that Government could or should wield their power of discrimination without repercussions.
All these things seek to discriminate, breed racism and remove personal responsibility and an individual’s right to self determination.
As Newton theorised: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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