The way I see it, if people want to live …

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The way I see it, if people want to live on the land (as they have for thousands of years) then they should.
I have never understood why the NT Government are responsible for setting up police, shops, schools and health centres in these locations.
Essentially creating a tiny (white fella style) town at very high cost to the tax payer and very high safety risk staff .
Why not focus on the regional towns and ensure they have the services needed and let the people who want to live out bush do so without the benefits of “city life” AS THEY ARE OUT BUSH.

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No cops, no clinics
Wow, Mogran, so much hate, such a mature attitude.

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I think you mean Jacinta. And I didn’t say I preferred her either.

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“He’s been in politics for the Labor Party for a long time, but he has done very little for Aboriginal people.” I think this is true.
However, posting the coconut meme isn’t helping either.
Let’s be mature and open to both sides of any conversation and debate facts instead of just trying to shoot down people we don’t agree with.

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