The way I see it, if people want to live …

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The way I see it, if people want to live on the land (as they have for thousands of years) then they should.
I have never understood why the NT Government are responsible for setting up police, shops, schools and health centres in these locations.
Essentially creating a tiny (white fella style) town at very high cost to the tax payer and very high safety risk staff .
Why not focus on the regional towns and ensure they have the services needed and let the people who want to live out bush do so without the benefits of “city life” AS THEY ARE OUT BUSH.

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No cops, no clinics
Wow, Mogran, so much hate, such a mature attitude.

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Young man charged with attempted murder, girl with robbery
What a society we live in, where this type of serious crime is just another day and gets forgotten about in five minutes. It’s really telling of the fault of our Government and Culture decline.
I hope the young lady recovers fast.

Change at the helm of the Central Land Council
Good luck Joe, see if you can improve the public’s opinion of the CLC and make it great.

Remove religious exemption, says COGSO
I agree with inclusion for all.
However it does make me wonder why someone who would identify as gay let’s say would want to attend a Christian school, which will preaching hatred (of some form) directed at people like this and this would make bullying more prevalent I would think.
And I know bullying shouldn’t happen at school but come on now let’s be serious schools have dropped the ball on bullying and they can’t be bothered picking it back up.
Don’t get me started on the fact these private schools get more funding than public schools too, the system is broken and set up to advantage the already advantaged.

Police: Boy hurt on pedestrian crossing, robocalls warning
I’m glad the young lad is OK, well, better than what could have happened.
On any given day drive home I would come across at least one car that looks unsafe to be on the road and over packed with people.

80% of seniors want “return to legalised assisted dying”
I don’t know why the Government is all caught up about someone’s sex on their birth certificate when there are more important (by the numbers) things. Anyone who has had to watch a loved one pass in extreme pain would know the obvious choice here.
Why is it when a minority want something they get it, when a majority want something, well that needs to be discussed for a long time.

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