Th NT is 1.421 million km². Plenty of room for …

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Th NT is 1.421 million km². Plenty of room for living outside of the five big towns and one city, plenty of room to never have to see a white man again.
Perhaps it’s time the government stops wasting billions of taxpayers dollars on locations that given their way will still be living off hard working taxpayers a thousand years from now.
If you want to live like people did a thousand years ago I am in full support and you should swap your benefits for what your ancestors had.
If you want satellite tv, air con, schools, phones, doctors, police, a playstation and anything made of plastic or metal, move to somewhere its possible to get a job and earn it.
Do not expect others to work and and pay taxes so you can “have your lifestyle choice”.
I for one have worked all my life to earn what I have and would have a lot more if I was not having my taxes wasted on people who live where they can only only take and will never contribute.
Seriously, what type of community need police to be able to open a clinic? Maybe we need a lot more jails and a lot fewer communities.

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Lambley says Gunner won’t discuss rising crime
You think Alice is bad.
Tennant Creek has a cop for every 40 people and no white person dares walk the streets at night.
We have youth patrol and night patrol cruising the streetS, running a free taxi service home, unless your white: Then if you dared walk you would be told keep walking.
One 70 year old German had his house broken into last week, he was almost beaten to death with a iron bar then robbed.
Another older guy was followed home robbed and beaten a few weeks ago.
Not so long ago the fence at the hospital was climbed and a nurse raped, in her quarters.
Every women who lives alone lives in fear.
We have the Barkley work camp here, as punishment for crimes like vicious violence and breaking into your house. They are sent to the camp and the punishment is working in the local supermarket, cutting the grass around town, picking up litter and chatting with family.

Scholarships of up to $60,000 for Aboriginal students
So if your underprivileged, desperately want to be a teacher and not black?
I think a lot of us woke up to all this years ago, but when will it stop?
I hate having my country turned into a racist joke.

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