Haasts Bluff is part of a privately owned rural fiefdom. Being …

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Haasts Bluff is part of a privately owned rural fiefdom.
Being a privately owned fiefdom responsibility to provide services rests with the corporate owner, in this case the Haasts Bluff Land Trust.
The shareholders (aka Traditional Owners) of Haasts Bluff Land Trust with their private corporate ownership must accept that their shared ownership means it is their responsibility to provide their services.
Australians are entitled to certain levels of support.
Levels of support depends on population and levels of need.
Private landowners like Haasts Bluff Land Trust first need service themselves, using their own resources.
They may seek support for some services. Such support is assessed in terms of need, proportionally shared contributions.
If Haasts Bluff Land Trust, as a private property owner, is not prepared to provide basic services itself, nor provide reasonable security of tenure and leases, is unlikely there should be much support, whether from private or public moneys.
With clear security of tenure, and access, service providers determine levels of support they may then provide, as deemed appropriate to need and cost-benefit requirements.
Can John Paterson and AMSANT explain the levels of support they seek with clear comparisons to equivalent services received in similar sized communities around Australia?
Can the corporate owners of Haasts Bluff Land Trust, and their corporate realty agent, the Central Land Council, explain what they are doing to provide themselves these basic services ?
Around Australia most small towns equivalent in size to Haasts Bluff private village, neither have nor need permanent police presences. Their police often several hours away.
Indeed when we organised our move from Papunya to Kintore we knew our nearest police were several hours away.
Are John Paterson and AMSANT implying an excessive level of crime is occurring in the privately owned closed corporate village of Haasts Bluff?
Can John Paterson’s explain why lack of a police presence makes providing health services at Haasts Bluff fail to comply with occupational health and safety laws?

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No cops, no clinics
Alex Nelson Re: Posted December 1, 2018 at 12:48 pm
Care to identify some remarkably consistent patterns ?
Most easily to accept are possible various disruptions of services in regional / remote communities may be part of a deliberate policy to move a population.
Many suspect governments make considerable effort to avoid providing details, which reinforces conspiracy theories.
Frequently there are other reasons, like late submissions, essential details missing.
Like most assumptions, to actually prove them requires far more detail, which requires more open governments.

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Once again the Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory president Marty Aust claims people on custodial supervision orders are almost always housed within prisons because nowhere else is suitable for them.
Is my opinion the Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory wears racist blinkers on this.
The Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory’s attack upon the NT Government ignores simple facts.
Decisions to provide leases to provide suitable housing placements for these mentally disadvantaged individuals within or closer to their communities rests with their relevant corporate Land Trusts.
Have these relevant corporate Land justs provided the relevant long term leases?
If not, why not?
What efforts and what successes achieved by the Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory towards obtaining relevant required leases to accommodate these individuals?
At this time the NT Government is unable to resume land, despite Constitutional requirement for payment of “just compensation”.
Are these really needed sites?
The sounds far to much like pass the buck.

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The logical and legitimate historical relevance is that Australia became an independent self-governing Commonwealth nation with Federation on January 1, 1901.
Our formal functions need to stick with the first Federation timetable, nothing before noon, as logical to enable majority recover from their New Year celebrations in time to attend and enjoy.

Australia Day: Alice’s role in it
Fit as well for Northern Territory to lead promotion to replace 26 January with 1 January which is anniversary the establishment of our Commonwealth of Australia.
IMHO requirement we would need to ensure NO ceremonies before noon to ensure all recover from their New Year celebrations in time to attend.

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A treaty proposal as little more than a promotion of permanent racism, a promotion of permanent apartheid, a promotion of the ongoing disadvantage of many, within Australia.

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Re: Alex Hope Posted January 22, 2019 at 11:23 am
Perhaps Alex can explain what each Land Trust as corporate land-title-holder and owner, actually spends building and maintaining housing being used by their shareholders “traditional owners” who do live on their land-title-held land ?
Perhaps Alex can explain what each Land Trust as corporate land-title-holder and owner actually collects as rent to be spent building and maintaining housing used by their shareholders and “traditional owners” who do live on their land-title-held land?
Perhaps Alex can explain the Commonwealth and NT Government financial contributions to benefit each land-trust-titled area?
Please include also the dollars per resident.

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