Once again the police on bottle shops has proved to …

Comment on Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present by Steve Brown.

Once again the police on bottle shops has proved to be the “Only effective measure”!
But then again, we already knew that didn’t we?
However giving way to pressure from PAAC the NT Government went right ahead introducing completely ineffective, [now proven] bureaucratic measures such as the Banned Drinkers Register and a floor price on alcohol, then allowed police to walk away from the bottle shops for most of the term of this Government!
As a direct result, once again subjecting our community to all the drunken bedlam that we had previously resolved by, putting police on the bottle shops.
And now Dr Boffa and Co would like credit for the reintroduction of police to bottle shops, and the resulting downturn in general mayhem!
Really, from where I sit, those who orchestrated that amount of cruel social experiments on our community should be getting not thanks, but their backsides kicked because clearly they should be held responsible for the past two years of mayhem!
And rather than congratulating themselves on finally returning us to what amounts to the status quo ante, the situation before they interfered, they should hang their heads in shame!
Thank you so very much.

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Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present
Vicki: PAAC certainly never has backed off from arguing from an elitist patronising and paternalistic point of view for simplistic, token measures which they believe with all the smug superiority in the world will save us all from ourselves while completely ignoring input from the wider community which says otherwise.
In setting out to save the world Vicki you must first ascertain that the world wants to be saved.
And if it doesn’t why it doesn’t. When you introduce a supposedly socially beneficial measure, such as raising the floor price of alcohol in direct opposition to community feelings on the issue, it comes from an assumption, or should I say arrogant belief, that you know better than the general population.
Look at the measure from a common-sense angle: Firstly it has no effect at all on problem drinkers as they find a way, even if it takes ram raiding a pub.
But in tough times with struggling families and pensioners it certainly does affect ordinary mums and dads, the ones without an alcohol problem. It is especially cruel on pensioners and even where there is over consumption, it simply takes more money from the family budget for things other than alcohol.
The real effect of the measure, the real consequence, which certainly does relate back to alcohol abuse, is to community mental health.
It does that in two ways, firstly there is the money, of course for most people the amount is piddling but then there is the principle.
The message sent, the clobbering of those struggling along doing the right thing being penalised by ill-considered measures aimed at those who are not.
The effect Vicki is to breed anger and unhappiness on both sides of the measures, it creates division!
These superior kinds of measures directly affect the mental health of our community, exacerbating community feelings, the kind of thinking that leads to alcohol abuse, this in turns leads to retaliatory thinking and behaviour the inevitable outcome … worsening the situation!
And no, Vicki you don’t need evidence of this effect all you need is to be “human”, have some humanity, to understand it!
I have battled against PAAC for many years because its ideas and actions are always aimed at Aboriginal people, pompous patronising and racist, dividing our community and exacerbating the very things you supposedly wish to resolve.
There is no such thing as positive racism! Only racism!
I am still a very active member of the CLP, I do not however speak for it.
PAAC never lobbies us and would be wasting its time if it did.
The government withdrew police from liquor outlets because they believed your propaganda about the Banned Drinkers Register … more fool them!
While enjoying that Christmas cheer spare a little thought for those families making with just a little less this year, all thanks to PAAC.
Merry Christmas.

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Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action
@ Evelyn: While I agree with the general intent of your comment it is important to note for the interested children’s education, that neither their action nor any taken by this nation will have the slightest effect on the world climate! Even if we could completely halt all of our carbon production tomorrow, it would not make the slightest difference to climate change.
So by all means kids work towards a cleaner environment, cleaner air and cleaner oceans, but don’t be taken for a ride by those who seek to create irrational fears about your own beautiful world, through politically motivated, fear mongering garbage, about climate change.
It is a natural part of our world and always will be!
The thing we really do need to need fear and guard against, are the mindless efforts of indoctrinated climate fanatics who seek through their ignorance and city bred real world isolation, to do something irrational about planetary warming.
It would benefit everyone to keep in mind that a warming climate is a more productive climate, while on the other hand a cooling climate very quickly becomes a threat to all life on earth, through starvation!
Let’s hope we get to sit somewhere in between. In the meantime there is one very real threat we should all fight and guard against, the life threatening efforts of climate science to artificially interfere with our climate. One stupid mistake and “Winter really will be coming”!

‘Arrogant’ government fails to answer 20 questions
Didn’t Robyn spruik long and loud the benefits of having an Independent Member for Araluen?
Now she is completely bound up in petty squabbling about more resources.
And not one single question to Government about things that affect the rest of us.
While the Territory goes to hell in a hand basket!
No pressure on Government at all!
Talk about ineffective.
You are payed a dam good wage plus expenses. Write your own speeches and for the Territory’s sake, get on with the job.
[ED – Mr Brown was the CLP candidate for Araluen.]

Scott McConnell now to vote as an Independent
I very much share Scott’s concerns re the Fifth Floor erosion of basic democracy!
Oversight and control of the bureaucratic machines of government is the sole responsibility of elected community representatives.
Department heads and political advisers roles are just that, to advise and to say “yes, Sir” upon a decision of the elected body.
Unfortunately the lines have become blurred.
Many who have no place actively involve themselves in the political foray, crossing the supposed divide between elected government and administration.
I believe this has come about because the government has become so incestuous, we are electing public servants and political advisers far to often!
Pre-selection committees should keep in mind that the whole concept of democracy and elected government is that the community has control over the government it is subjected to!
I agree totally with Scott on this issue: Time to reinstate democracy!

Emergency Dept presentations back up assault stats
Labor Government withdrew the police from the bottle shops presentations at the hospital blew out! Crimes against the person blew out! Domestic violence blew out!
Police were reinstated to bottle shops and these things returned to their previous levels.
Now we are expected to give some credit for the subsequent reduction in the associated crime figures!
Meanwhile break-ins are up because the numbers of kids on the streets are up and nothing’s been done!
A little birdie indicated just prior to Christmas that the Alice would be getting a 24/7 Youth Centre by boosting Tangentyere Councils Drop in Centre, however since that time … silence!
Apparently the idea has succumbed to budgetary restraint since the announcement that we are broke.
I bet the $200m for the Children and Families Computer system is still going ahead though!
While considering budgetary constraints it would create a better all round result if the Minister was cutting that item rather than the actual on-ground services that have a real chance of making a huge difference to our costs for policing, courts and corrections, while building community confidence and harmony.
Budget constraints, sure, we’ve got to have them, but let’s just think through our priorities before acting: Less bureaucracy, more coal face service!

West Macs fire mitigation critically inadequate: Scientist
@ Alex Hope: So Alex do you think Parks is achieving its purpose now! Is the buffel eradicated? Is the flora and fauna in a better state than when it was a pastoral lease?
Is the park in a condition that we can show it to the world in order to attract the tourists who fund our economy? Have we protected near extinct species?
To just what level of destruction to you propose we go in chasing what some see as a weed and what others know is actually a highly beneficial grass?
At what stage do you stop this battle against grass and look behind you to see the horrific damage that has been done?
By the time the mentality which you espouse is through, if left to run unchecked, there will only be vast fields of buffel grass left all our native animals, trees, shrubs and grasses will be gone, driven into the ground through the actions of irresponsible idiots.
Sensible licensed grazing by shepherded animals is a practical tool that will not only protect the park to a much greater degree from fire but can also add to the park’s attractiveness for visitors, locals running mobile Dude ranch activities and the like.
Parks are for people Alex, not for the sole use of left wing ideologues hell bent on proving some political point at any expense!
As for Illparpa Rd … you are kidding aren’t you? To keep buffel out of that tiny area quite literally thousands of litres of highly toxic now thought to be carcinogenic sprays has and is being used on a continual basis!
So just how much chemical and how much man power would we need for the park, do you think?

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