Once again the police on bottle shops has proved to …

Comment on Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present by Steve Brown.

Once again the police on bottle shops has proved to be the “Only effective measure”!
But then again, we already knew that didn’t we?
However giving way to pressure from PAAC the NT Government went right ahead introducing completely ineffective, [now proven] bureaucratic measures such as the Banned Drinkers Register and a floor price on alcohol, then allowed police to walk away from the bottle shops for most of the term of this Government!
As a direct result, once again subjecting our community to all the drunken bedlam that we had previously resolved by, putting police on the bottle shops.
And now Dr Boffa and Co would like credit for the reintroduction of police to bottle shops, and the resulting downturn in general mayhem!
Really, from where I sit, those who orchestrated that amount of cruel social experiments on our community should be getting not thanks, but their backsides kicked because clearly they should be held responsible for the past two years of mayhem!
And rather than congratulating themselves on finally returning us to what amounts to the status quo ante, the situation before they interfered, they should hang their heads in shame!
Thank you so very much.

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Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present
Vicki: PAAC certainly never has backed off from arguing from an elitist patronising and paternalistic point of view for simplistic, token measures which they believe with all the smug superiority in the world will save us all from ourselves while completely ignoring input from the wider community which says otherwise.
In setting out to save the world Vicki you must first ascertain that the world wants to be saved.
And if it doesn’t why it doesn’t. When you introduce a supposedly socially beneficial measure, such as raising the floor price of alcohol in direct opposition to community feelings on the issue, it comes from an assumption, or should I say arrogant belief, that you know better than the general population.
Look at the measure from a common-sense angle: Firstly it has no effect at all on problem drinkers as they find a way, even if it takes ram raiding a pub.
But in tough times with struggling families and pensioners it certainly does affect ordinary mums and dads, the ones without an alcohol problem. It is especially cruel on pensioners and even where there is over consumption, it simply takes more money from the family budget for things other than alcohol.
The real effect of the measure, the real consequence, which certainly does relate back to alcohol abuse, is to community mental health.
It does that in two ways, firstly there is the money, of course for most people the amount is piddling but then there is the principle.
The message sent, the clobbering of those struggling along doing the right thing being penalised by ill-considered measures aimed at those who are not.
The effect Vicki is to breed anger and unhappiness on both sides of the measures, it creates division!
These superior kinds of measures directly affect the mental health of our community, exacerbating community feelings, the kind of thinking that leads to alcohol abuse, this in turns leads to retaliatory thinking and behaviour the inevitable outcome … worsening the situation!
And no, Vicki you don’t need evidence of this effect all you need is to be “human”, have some humanity, to understand it!
I have battled against PAAC for many years because its ideas and actions are always aimed at Aboriginal people, pompous patronising and racist, dividing our community and exacerbating the very things you supposedly wish to resolve.
There is no such thing as positive racism! Only racism!
I am still a very active member of the CLP, I do not however speak for it.
PAAC never lobbies us and would be wasting its time if it did.
The government withdrew police from liquor outlets because they believed your propaganda about the Banned Drinkers Register … more fool them!
While enjoying that Christmas cheer spare a little thought for those families making with just a little less this year, all thanks to PAAC.
Merry Christmas.

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Horses perish near Santa Teresa
Really! You went there? Climate Change – my arse!
Looking after stock is the responsibility of the stock owners, always has been, always will be!
Waterholes have always gone dry in dry times and always will!
The management of animals other than wildlife is the total responsibility of those who own the land! Nothing to do with Government!
If you are running too many animals for the feed and water available, cull them! In hot dry times water supply must be checked every day!
If they are feral animals on your land it is still up to you to deal with them! If they are on Government land report their presence!
Government can only react to what it knows.
Take responsibility for God’s sake. Everything is not up to governments!

National Indigenous Art Gallery future in doubt: Gunner
A few weeks back the Chief Minister also announced an Art and Cultural Centre for the City of Darwin.
A week or two later we suffered the announcement of extra flights direct from the Rock into Darwin while flights into the Alice were reduced. Coincidence?
Micheal is under enormous pressure in Darwin to do something for their ailing economy, if things follow the usual Territory precedents set long ago, Darwin will win out, and the Alice will once again loose out, as the entire concept is moved to the north.
That outcome helped along once again by a tiny minority of Alice Springs naysayers who once again in a totally and easily manipulated response have played exactly to the Chief Minister tune, providing the perfect excuse for the project to be moved north: “They don’t want it in Alice.”
What the hell, just another nail in the coffin for the local economy!
Just a few hundred extra jobs, extra visitors pouring millions into the local economy for the foreseeable future!
Ahh, who needs it anyway?
Those who spent so much time undermining it are certain to come up with some great ideas and funding to replace it, aren’t they?

GST billions yet we’re still the basket case
The clear intention of the extra funding was to allow the NT to bring infrastructure and basic services into some kind of equilibrium with the rest of the country, along with the full expectation that in building that infrastructure we would grow and create an economy capable of contributing to, rather than relying on, the rest of the nation.
Clearly those funded intentions have had another consequence, instead of assisting the growth of our economy as intended.
The extra funds have been used to “staff the office”, squandered on water parks sports grounds while desperately needed infrastructure languishes.
Basic services to communities are actually declining! All this while enormous opportunity across the spectrum of industry that should by now have been contributing to the national economy, is ignored! Ridiculous levels of government are simply suffocating all incentive, making it just to danm hard to operate here.
The Territory has become the perfect example of the sloth and dependence created by a truly socialist system, thanks to an over supply of untied, directionless funding.
This quite clearly has also been poorly monitored by the Feds themselves.
How can we possibly be meeting KPIs while infrastructure and services actually shrinks in some places?
What about those beautiful new police stations? They cost millions! Now we don’t even bother to staff them!
Who is taking responsibility for that?
The Federal Government must tighten up funding into the Territory and put a much greater emphasis on “proven positive outcomes”!
Forcing responsibility!
How do we end up killing off entire local industries by allowing and facilitating direct flights into The Rock, for instance?
It happened because nobody in Government gives a proverbial! How do we pull funding from infrastructure like the Old South Road and the Mereenie Loop in favour of sports grounds and water parks?
It happens because nobody gives a proverbial!
How the hell did we ever get into such a place that those in the capital justify and enjoy facilities sports grounds water parks by three, which are free to attend?
While at the other end of the Territory families are still looking at dirt roads, lousy unsafe water supplies, no facilities, not even a small swimming pool let alone a water park!
How does a decent human being justify that situation?
Sure, if we ourselves were actually contributing the dollars we squander upon ourselves … but we are not!
Time for change, time for a much fairer level of service across the Territory and if we want extra fluffy stuff on top of that, time to pay for it ourselves!

The financial crisis in the Northern Territory
The problem for the Territory began with a disproportionate level of GST funding which in turn allowed the creation of a vastly over inflated public bureaucracy mostly based in Darwin and whose members “expect gold plated services” to a level “superior” to that of most other Capitals!
Funding those over inflated services is achieved by parasiting funds intended to provide basic services to the further reaches of the Territory.
The problem is the parasite has become such a burden it’s killing off the host, our bureaucracy so large and directionless it’s suffocating the life out of the last vestiges of free enterprise while providing less and less on ground service to anywhere bar the Capital.
Which now under a reduced GST regime is beginning to get a taste of its own medicine, so God help the rest of us!
Is any NT Government better than Canberra ? Once I would have unhesitatingly replied “yes” to that question… Now? If we can’t put together a stringent well managed government with an overall Territory view, a goal to build the economy, freeing up private enterprise,massively reducing Government bureaucracy, repaying debt through building a larger economy! Redirecting GST funding to fulfil the original intention! Building infrastructure that facilitates long term growth and employment! If we can’t achieve this outcome within the next electoral cycle, I believe anything including Canberra would be better for the future of long term committed Territorians!
I think you’ll find Canberra will be thinking along similar lines.

Vowles, McConnell and Collins dumped from Caucus
Ken Vowles tells us that we are in a lot of trouble and we need to do something about it … kind of a “Der” moment really.
Further to that this afternoon he tells us the Government is being run, all decisions made, by advisers, bureaucrats, something I’m pretty sure most Territorians have long suspected.
So not only are we broke! But democracy, the peoples control of its authorities has gone out the widow altogether!
No wonder we are in trouble the Territories being run by the dysfunctional rabble that makes up its bureaucracy, no guidance from above, deaf ears to complaints from below.
Is there anything worth saving in the Self Government Act?

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