Great result. …

Comment on Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present by Watch’n.

Great result.

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Heat rises on cooling plan
And watering with a truck?
How has that been going this year. Pretty terrible by the looks of the dead trees in the CBD. How are mature trees meant to survive without drippets as described.
If $6000 saves all the trees in the “plan”, surely that is good value for money, considering each tree could cost just as much to buy and plant.

Councillor passes buck to staff
And when the drains fail, who cops the finger pointing?

Heat rises on cooling plan
Maybe the Mayor should do one of his tree planting photo opps in Bath Street.

$65m for children at risk case management system
Not much more than $12,000 per child per year. Which will trickle down to around $1000 on the ground.

96 trees chopped down to ‘duplicate’ highway
It’s a highway. Not a tree way. Plenty of trees in the creek.

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