Great result. …

Comment on Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present by Watch’n.

Great result.

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Horses perish near Santa Teresa
It was drier in the 60s.

Government offered council up to $5m for Anzac Oval
Looks like the fence around ANZAC Oval is starting to go up. Think there is another $100,000 barrier to the whole idea too.

Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
So its only a big rock. If you are not allowed to climb it, who cares?
In 20 years our kids won’t believe it was ever approved. Our current generation have grown up with the Rock climb being the number one thing to do at Uluru.
Once closed it will not make much difference. Any tourist who misses a visit because they can’t climb, is the type of tourist that no one could attract anyway.

Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
Can’t climb the Pyramids in Egypt.

Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
It is not the climbing that upsets Anganu. It is the death from falling.

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