Vicki, the courts allowing a policy under the guise of …

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Vicki, the courts allowing a policy under the guise of special measures is irrelevant to my comment.

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Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present
Vicki, I find nothing positive in any form of discrimination.
This belongs to the philosophy of Reverse Racism, Special Measures and Affirmative Action.
It is ignorance to think that Government could or should wield their power of discrimination without repercussions.
All these things seek to discriminate, breed racism and remove personal responsibility and an individual’s right to self determination.
As Newton theorised: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Much less drunken violence an early Christmas present
Where is the long term daily average of 150 presentations? Perhaps my data from is incorrect, but from what I gather, average daily admissions are as follows (equating to 123 average daily admissions over the last seven years)
Year – 2011-2012- Average daily ED admission = 116
Year – 2012-2013- Average daily ED admission = 113
Year – 2013-2014- Average daily ED admission = 120
Year – 2014-2015- Average daily ED admission = 122
Year – 2015-2016- Average daily ED admission = 124
Year – 2016-2017- Average daily ED admission = 130
Year – 2017-2018- Average daily ED admission = 137
It should be noted that the above figures fail to take into account population decline. If the data were to be converted into a “per 100,000” data set it would reveal that comparatively to this years 17/18 average daily admission of 137, 12/13 would read 104, 13/14 would read 112, 14/15 would read 117 and so forth.
But again, my data may be wrong, after all it is only published by the Federal Government via the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) with date provided by the NT Department Health.
I eagerly await the latest release of police data.

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Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action
I wonder how much smaller the attendance would have been if this was held on the weekend?

Council ‘in the way’ of Alice development: Chief Minister
Gavin: Of course there is no business acumen.
Majority of the party have ZERO business experience.
They are a bunch of amateurs pulled from unions, ex staffers and a few identity politicians.
Beyond lacking businesses experience, many of them seem to be lacking life experience too! (This one is for Moss, Manison and MIA Paech.)

Santa Teresa wins housing class action against NT Government
For the sake of fairness, the 3x new builds was a project initiated and put out to tender by the CLP Giles Government.
Also, half of the refurbishments were also initiated and put out to tender by the CLP Giles Government.
The second half of refurbishments, awarded in September 2017 by the Gunner government was in all likelihood a carry over from the CLP Giles infrastructure / budget plan.
So whilst most of the above works were undertaken on the Gunner watch, they were for the most part initiated by the CLP Giles Government.
Any upcoming Room to Breath projects is certainly Labor initiated.
The slow flow of projects through the infrastructure and budget process understandably results in a great portion of works being initiated by one Government yet claimed by their successors.

December quarter 2018 unit prices 40% higher than 2017
Somewhat safe to say that the December 2017 quarter is anomalous and likely due to the type of properties sold that reduced the median unit price, rather than a swift decline and equally swift recovery in the market.
The true story is that the median unit price has barely budged in a decade and assuming that the above data is not corrected for inflation, the prices have likely decreased by 20% in real terms.

West Macs fire mitigation critically inadequate: Scientist
Steve, I agree on many things you say – however on this occasion, not so much.
Buffel is the botanic cane toad of our region. It is a weed, plain and simple.
It is not the most palatable or nutritious of pastures.
Yes, the sheer quantity and rapid growth rates may make it a valuable food source at times, however our landscape would certainly be better off with out it, even if it means we need to reduce the stocking rates.

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