For comparisons sake, Origin energy is roughly $6.5 billion in …

Comment on The Territory is broke by Al.

For comparisons sake, Origin energy is roughly $6.5 billion in debt.
Are we really going to trust them to provide value to NT economies?

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Mineral exploration on the way up
The Chandler project is not simply a salt project.
The primary purpose of the project is to mine salt in order to create a void to dispose of huge quantities of hazardous waste.

Massive gas reserves close to being tapped
Alister Trier is also a board member of the Energy Club NT that promotes networking and development of the energy resources, including unconventional petroleum in the NT. Industry enjoys a very cosy relationship with government.

Gunner muzzles Independents, now seven of them
Except you aren’t the Opposition are you?
You are an independent looking out for your own interests.
Maybe if you worked together in the interests of all people in the Territory you would deserve more of the public funds.

It’s remote, desolate and worth billions
“The traditional owners, in late June 2016, exercised their right of veto over exploration and development under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act for the ensuing five years.”
The TOs have spoken. They do not want this project, respect this decision.
This company will continue to push and challenge local resolve. This is nothing but economic and political coercion.
The local land owners should not be held at ransom to exploit their country in order to bolster the profits of a mining company.
It is the same story time and time again. We are yet to hear of a story where mining has become the economic panacea that it consistently claims to be.
We urgently need to review our agricultural practices so that they we do not need to rely on pushing more and more out of the ground with the use of chemicals.
Our soils and water sources are too degraded to withstand continued industrial agriculture.

Classroom cops back – but only in one Alice school
How about acting on the rest of the recommendations and closing Don Dale, lifting the age of criminal responsibility and holding the criminal guards responsible?
Another concerning move towards an ever growing police state.

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