@ Liberal, 21 December, 2018: Easy to point the finger …

Comment on Treasurers meet on NT fiscal crisis: No offers from Canberra by David.

@ Liberal, 21 December, 2018: Easy to point the finger at one sector of the Territory, as usual.
At the lot that are subject to Basics Cards, unemployment and all sorts of measures foisted on Aboriginal people by government, to then be dumped on the scrap heap of society, after the many failed social experiments, the last being the “Intervention”.
The Intervention turned Aboriginal affairs backwards at least 50 years, leaving Aboriginal people voiceless and with no control to “contribute” according to you, Liberal.

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Treasurers meet on NT fiscal crisis: No offers from Canberra
@ Liberal: Yeah, as if Aboriginal people determine the policies, as if Aboriginal people “control” the budget, as if Aboriginal people run government, as if Aboriginal people have anything to do with employment.
We have incompetent politicians in government with shifting sands policies here and Canberra.

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End of search for Monika Billen
Authorities hold no value in trackers anymore, instead apply urban techniques and methodology whether in a search or investigating bush crime scenes.
At one time trackers were attached to every police post in the NT and played a key role in police work whether a search or crime scene.

GST billions yet we’re still the basket case
May be some commentators need to ask contractors how they have or will be affected by cuts to spending on bush communities.
That’s where many have made their dollars and for most, just on travel costs alone.

Vowles, McConnell and Collins dumped from Caucus
Spot on, Alex Nelson. It annoys me as a generational Territorian that highly paid and non-elected advisors and bureaucrats on huge salaries, but no accountability to Territory people, call the shots over people we Territorians elected.
What do we do about it? Perhaps an intervention by the Commonwealth is needed and soon.

Vowles, McConnell and Collins dumped from Caucus
The Chief Minister’s Department runs the Territory government, not the Chief Minister or his Cabinet.
The Chief Ministers Department operates like the secret service.
And this nonsense of identifying a list of the “most powerful” in the NT only helps to boost their self inflated ego.

The Territory is broke
Both Labor and CLP need to stop going on overseas junkets as well, costing heaps, with little results to show any benefit to the NT.
Most of the untied GST revenue that the NT got because of the large Aboriginal population would have been spent on Darwin, again by both parties.
Labor needs to forget about Boundless Possible, there is no money to pay people to come here, let alone employ them.

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